TOM JEEFS (Austria) – "The Backlash" ft. CANIBUS & MARK DEEZ (Architect Remix) ///

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Tom Jeefs is a Hip-Hop artist and sound engineer from Vienna, Austria. Born on the 6th of June 1992 in Vienna, Austria where he grew up and lived. Loving music since he was a child he soon discovered his interest in audio engineering at the young age of 14 and became musically active a short period of time later.

In 2010, after he graduated from college he got the time to focus on his musical carrier and released his debut album “Classic” in mid-2011. Jeefs described the album as being rather an EP or a mix-tape than a full studio album, as there was no clear concept behind it in the making process, but it’s more of a compilation of the songs that were recorded in 2011. Also in 2011 he worked together with Godfrey Egbon and temporarily formed a duo called “Rapcase” which released 3 songs, a part of one of them is featured on “Classic” as a bonus track.

Tom Jeefs’ interest in physics and science in general can often be heard in his lyrics, whereas he describes his style as versatile and cross-breeds his music with other genres from time to time. Already considered a top lyricist in the underground movement he stated “Hip-Hop is not dead, it just lives underground. I do my best to keep it alive at those places it really belongs to. In my opinion it’s too late for real Hip-Hop as a popular genre, I still give it all I got.” Tom Jeefs second studio album “HiDef” was released September 1st.

On June 6th 2013 Jeefs released the first single off his upcoming EP “The Backlash” featuring Canibus and Mark Deez. The Backlash is set to be released mid June 2013 via Bandcamp:


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