Dynospectrum (Minneapolis, MN) – “Southside Myth” [The Dynospectrum – 1998]


The Dynospectrum is the debut album from The Dynospectrum, a collaboration between the Headshots crew members such as Beyond (now known as Musab), Slug of Atmosphere, Swift of Phull Surkle, and I Self Devine of Micranots. They performed under the pseudonyms General Woundwart, Sept Sev Sev Two, Mr. Gene Poole, and Pat Juba, respectively.

The album was entirely produced by Rhymesayers in-house producer Ant of Atmosphere who assumed the name Solomon Grundy for the project. It was released on Rhymesayers Entertainment in 1998.

In a 2008 interview with Impose Magazine, Slug said, “When we made the Dynospectrum, I was so high, I really thought we were like a legion of superheroes.”




# Title Length Sample
1 You Can Lose Your Mind 4:59 “Alter Ego” by Joe Farrell Quartet
2 Introspectrum 2:05 “The Lovers” by Les McCann
3 Headphone Static 3:56
4 Permanent on Surfaces 4:51
5 Breath of Fresh 4:44
6 The Winter Moon 5:30
7 Brief Interlude 0:42 “The Day Begins” by Moody Blues
8 Appearing Live 5:32 “Cry Baby Cry” by Ramsey Lewis
9 Southside Myth 4:48
10 Traction 4:06
11 Decompression Chamber 4:43 “North Carolina” by Les McCann
“Ostinato(Suite for Angela)” by Herbie Hancock
12 Evidence of Things Not Seen 4:24
13 Superior Friends 3:52
14 I Wouldn’t Want You to Die Uninformed 3:05
15 Tenfold 3:34 “A Tune for Tony” by Bert Kaempfert
16 Anything Is Everything 4:53 “Wildflower” by Hank Crawford
17 Armor 6:46 “A Dream” by Mystic Moods Orchestra
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