Funkdoobiest (Los Angeles, CA) – “Dedicated” [Brothas Doobie – 1995]


Funkdoobiest is an American rap group from Los Angeles, California. The original members were Son Doobie (Jason Vasquez), DJ Ralph M (Ralph Medrano) and Tomahawk Funk (Tyrone Pacheco). The latter left after their second album.

The group’s first two albums were mainly produced by Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs. Their third album, The Troubleshooters, included production by Ralph M and DJ Rectangle. Whereas the other albums were clearly hardcore rap in the vein of Cypress Hill and other Soul Assassins members, The Troubleshooters was more versatile.[citation needed] DJ Muggs was the group’s mentor and inspiration. The group is known for the sexually explicit song “Superhoes” about the perverted secret identities of superheroes. Son Doobie also proclaimed himself the porno king. They also had their own X-rated club in Los Angeles.

Funkdoobiest have never cared for censorship, and have released several hit singles, such as “XXX Funk”, about controversial topics such as pornography.

Their fourth album The Golden B-Boys was released in 2011. It was produced and arranged by DJ Ralph M for B-Boy Beats LLC. The cover art was by Galo “MAKE” Canote. It will be-released in the second quarter of 2013.

Brothas Doobie is the second album by the Los Angeles-based Latino rap group Funkdoobiest. It was released by Epic Records in March 7, 1995 and was produced by DJ Muggs. This was the final album for the back-up MC and hypeman, Tomahawk Funk, because he left group after this release. The album contains the famous and controversial track “Superhoes”, which also appeared in the soundtrack to the film Friday, starring NWA’s Ice Cube. The album has been falsely shown with a blue cover, several times. It merits a green color instead.




# Title Producer Performer Length
1 “This Is It (Interlude)” DJ Muggs *Interlude* 1:25
2 “Rock On” DJ Muggs Son Doobie, Tomahawk Funk 3:54
3 “What the Deal” DJ Muggs Son Doobie 4:00
4 “Lost In Thought” DJ Muggs, Ray Roll Son Doobie 4:31
5 “Dedicated” DJ Muggs Son Doobie 3:34
6 “Ka Sera Sera” DJ Ralph M Son Doobie, Tomahawk Funk 2:58
7 “Pussy Ain’t Shit” DJ Muggs Son Doobie, Tomahawk Funk 4:25
8 “XXX Funk” DJ Muggs, DJ Ralph M Son Doobie 3:55
9 “It Ain’t Going Down” DJ Lethal Son Doobie 3:15
10 “You’re Dummin'” DJ Ralph M Son Doobie 4:23
11 “Tomahawk Bang” DJ Ralph M Tomahawk Funk, Sebastain Rousett 3:57
12 “Superhoes” DJ Muggs, DJ Ralph M Son Doobie 3:51
13 “Who Ra Ra” DJ Muggs, DJ Ralph M Brett Bouldin, Son Doobie 2:56
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