Swollen Members (Vancouver, B.C.) – “Bad Dreams” [Bad Dreams – 2001]


Swollen Members is a 4-time Juno Award winning platinum-selling Canadian hip hop group from Vancouver, British Columbia, consisting mainly of the duo Mad Child and Prevail. Frequent collaborators include vocalist Moka Only (who was actually a member of the group for a short period of time in the mid-1990s when the group was formed, and then again from 2002 to 2005) and producer Rob the Viking, an official group member since 2002. Swollen Members has released five studio albums, one greatest hits album and 2 compilations, as well as numerous other singles.

Swollen Members was founded in the mid-1990s by Vancouverites Mad Child (Shane Bunting), Prevail (Kiley Hendriks), and Moka Only (Daniel Denton). Having begun a solo career while living in San Francisco, California, Mad Child returned to Vancouver to work. There he met Prevail and Moka Only, who had been working together. They joined together under the name Swollen Members.

Bad Dreams was Swollen Members second full length release on Battleaxe Records, released in 2001. Bad Dreams was a progression of the sound the group expressed on Balance leaning more towards the mainstream. “Take It Back” was the album’s first single though the record didn’t take off until the second single, “Fuel Injected” was released. “Fuel Injected” turned the underground rap group into household names overnight. The follow-up single “Bring It Home” was equally successful peaking at #3 on the Canadian Singles Chart, helping the record attain Platinum certification in Canada. The presence of Moka Only on the groups two biggest singles prompted him to join the group from 2002 to 2005. The 19th and 20th tracks are bonus tracks that appear on the 2002 reissue only. The reissue also sports an alternate cover similar to the original release. The original album also contains a hidden remix of “Take It Back” produced by Joey Chavez that appears after the end of “High Road”. The song “Deep End” was featured on the video games Triple Play 2002NBA Live 2002 and SSX 3 (the Utah Saints remix).


# Title Producer(s) Time
1 “Intro” 0:42
2 “Killing Spree” Nucleus 2:38
3 “Full Contact” (featuring Evidence & Chali 2na) Evidence 4:09
4 “Take It Back” (featuring DJ Revolution) Rob the Viking 3:41
5 “RPM” (featuring Iriscience & DJ Babu) Nucleus 4:01
6 “Bad Dreams” The Alchemist 3:50
7 “Camouflage” (featuring DJ Revolution) Evidence 2:31
8 “Poker Face” (featuring Buc Fifty) Rob the Viking 4:20
9 “Deep End” Seanski 3:25
10 “Anthrax Island” Nucleus 2:30
11 “Snake Bite” (featuring Rattlesnake Jones & Chris Guy) Rob the Viking, Roger Swan 3:43
12 “Total Package” (featuring Planet Asia & DJ Revolution) Evidence 3:19
13 “The Reflection” Rob the Viking 1:58
14 “Ventilate” (featuring DJ Babu) Joey Chavez 3:56
15 “Burns and Scars” (featuring Son Doobie) Rob the Viking 4:05
16 “Dark Riders” (featuring Buc Fifty) The Alchemist 3:20
17 “Fuel Injected” (featuring Moka Only) DJ Kemo, Concise 3:31
18 “High Road” Rob the Viking 4:20
19 “Bring It Home” (featuring Moka Only) [Bonus Track] Rob the Viking 4:17
20 “Fuel Injected” [Remix] (featuring Moka Only & Saukrates) [Bonus Track] Saukrates 3:31
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