Canada’s Classified Releases Powerful New Video “People”

Prolific award-winning Canadian rapper Classified releases a powerful new single “People” via HalfLife Records / Big Story Entertainment and available via all streaming services.

Written and produced by Classified, “People” is a commentary on the selfishness, divisiveness, and lack of empathy in society, suggesting that humanity is collectively responsible for the problems we face and that everyone needs to come together and unite as one. In the track Classified emphasizes the need to focus on the commonalities among people, rather than dwell on irrelevant differences. 

“People was a difficult song to write, but I believe that its message needs to be talked about with the current state of the world,” says Classified. “I see so much separation in society stemming from arguments on race, religion, gender, orientation – and at the same time, so many bigger problems in our world being ignored because we are caught up in these differences. One day, I was just like ‘I’m sick of everybody’ and started writing this song. Even though it might come off as negative, I believe that people who actually pay attention to lyrics will understand that this song actually delivers a POSITIVE message, and I HOPE that it brings people together.”

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