Q&A With Rising Conscious Chicago Hip Hop Artist Lavelle Spitz

Q&A With Rising Chicago Hip Hop Artist Lavelle Spitz

What’s up Lavelle Spitz! Much respect on your new Album. I am definitely a real Hip Hop head, and real recognizes real! How long have you been rapping? How did your MC name come about?

Yo…the response for this project is super appreciated. I have been rapping since I was a teenager honestly and I started recording (seriously) in 2010. Prior to going under the stage name Lavelle Spitz, I was in a group called the Individual Eleven (now defunct) where the alias Lavelle Spitz originated. Lavelle is my middle name. Spitz came about from a former producer because I was free styling over almost anything that was playing.

You style is truly one of a kind. Very conscious and full of street knowledge! And your style drove me insane!! Super Dope!! How was your style developed and how do you describe your style?

That’s love man no doubt! I’m big on individualism and realism so I just embrace being myself on record. I have a very laxed approach to writing and it took awhile to get in a place to fully execute SpitzCraft but I’m still finding myself as an artist. I’m very versatile and I enjoy vibing to the temperament of what the record sounds like. I can come up with something unique every time that way. The urban environments that I’m accustomed to are what really shape me though. I build my outlook from it.

What influenced you to become such a raw conscious MC speaking about reality and exposing the bullshit, rather than rapping the typical mainstream garbage MONEY/BITCHES/GUNS/DRUGS that the masses are spoon fed?

Quite simply because none of those things are my reality. I always knew people who were about that and people always knew that I personally wasnt that kinda guy but I got respect because I never tried to be. It’s easier for me to rap about reality bc It’s what I’m living and hip-hop is the outlet to speak on it colorfully. So that’s my creative draw to the mic in nutshell. There always has been music around me and the kinda people involved in doing it, so my community has always been right there for me to do hip-hop. It always felt like something I have a reason to do, especially when I know my intent is not to bullshit the ears of the listener.

We really respect new MC’s who decide to actually take their music careers seriously! Please breakdown the creative process of your latest album “SpitzCraft”.

>I had to quit cigarettes and change some personal things to take finishing this project seriously. For a long time I was writing on paper and I stopped doing that and started writing in my phone just last year, which I’ve jumped on that wagon late, but it’s helped with the spontaneity of me changing my verses every week. When I left STL to come to Chicago, I tapped back into my personal life and just dealt with things outside of my music and went on hiatus awhile from recording but I kept writing. I had a lot of beats! I wanted to make an authentic project that could speak to the mood of the times we livin’ in. I made various trips between Chicago and STL to record SpitzCraft and ensure a successful release to wrap up 2016.

What are you looking forward to for 2017? Anything you going to be doing differently compared to past years?

Quality is really my main focus for this year. I doubt I can ever do similar to what I’ve done in the past and I think my creativity won’t allow me to stay on the same level which I embrace. I’m going to gather my resources to push #SpitzCraft as much as I can and keep consistent to bring out more quality projects as I move forward.

Any pressuring situations before you decided to push your latest album? Did everything work out according to plan?

The entire execution process of SC was a blessing. I had a diverse array of beats from very supportive producers. My bro Cue, 1/2 of STL based hip-hop group The Domino Effect, mixed and mastered the entire project and spared no room for error and I had very valuable guest features on this project. I’m overall moved by how this project came about.

What do you on your down time when you’re not making music?

I’m not always recording and in fact that’s the smallest part of my activities music wise. I’m usually writing lines that come into my head, reading whatever, at live shows, actin wise, etc… I’m an avid craft beer drinker. We talk about a cold one all day.

Rappers nowadays think by throwing up a few videos up on social media and pushing quick projects, they can blow up overnight! Give us your view on how over saturated the market is right now with so many MC’s/Producers but not to many quality music.

The independent music game was never designed for that and many people do think that because they are doing music that it automatically is noteworthy. The only thing the independent lane has done has made the ease of access to doing music easier. Everybody can build their own world tailored to their music and hold it down that way in their own right, which is still creatively dope as well. The harder you work at it and stay consistent is what tends to pay off and that takes time and most importantly endurance. The industry is saturated with a lot quality-lacking music that is overshadowing what is considered to be quality but work ethic prevails over talent every time. If you grind you eat.

How often do you perform LIVE. Shows lined up in the near future?

2017 is primarily about the expansion of performing live more frequently. I’m apart of a community that does a this dope weekly showcase once where I perform much of my music and I am exclusively available for bookings. Check SoundCloud for email.

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs time?

With an impressive catalog of musical works and familiarity in the hip-hop scene. I can successfully do this by continuing to progress in all ways. I see myself in a band as well and making even liver music and an even bigger sound than just myself. I’m still developing but I enjoy this growth.

Here it is! Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

Some of the illest music that not everybody knows about!

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

Currently all of my musical works are online on Bandcamp- Keyword: Lavelle Spitz. I have done most of the editing for my music videos which are all on YouTube for LavelleTV and SpitzMedia and I regularly update my SpitzMedia blog which I urge everybody to peep at LavelleSpitz.blogspot com. Google me: Lavelle Spitz

Lastly, and shout out? (friends, family, management, etc)

Always. Before anything I gotta shout my city, The home of St. Louis, and Chicago for holding me down. My family is always behind me, my mother and father are always righteous and also my team COLD.BLOODED for being so dope at what we do. Special shoutout to all the artists at the KLEO Center who are of some of the purest talent I’ve ever seen and welcome me openly. There’s a bunch of people I could shout out and this would take a while but definitely everyone involved with SpitzCraft and all the dope responses I’ve been getting from the project. It always feels good to be respected your creativity.

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