Myles Jéh – “Mylestones” (Album Review)

Myles Jeh begins with a deep insightful introduction explaining the age of technology and setting the tone for the delivery of his new album titled “Mylestones” to the HIP HOP audience. Present in the underground scene since 2013 back with new music for his supporters, the substance in this album is universal and has the ability to cross many barriers. The deep insightful approach keeps the listener on edge as we take a journey with the artist.

“Fun & Games” is one record that stood out from the jump, something about it’s care free vibe allows the listener to look at their current situations and appreciate where they are. This concept allows a situation we all have witnessed before on different levels to be painted out in correlation to his own experiences. When “Round & Round” played I instantly connected with it, Myles Jeh reached into his core and gave his fans an emotional track about the power of love when loyalty is involved, understanding that you may get mad but your destinies are intertwined. “Drug Affairs” goes inside a vision and paints a picture of substance addiction.

A dynamic mixture of the Golden Age and the 2000’s sonic sound, “Hood Story/Blue” paints a picture of the struggles of being in the inner city and being surrounded by chaos. Myles Jeh narrates 3 different stories of inner city youth going through every day madness. The turn up begins with “Been There Done That” the smooth ambient sound almost allows  you to taste the ocean waves, it reminds the listener of distant memories they want to hold dearly. The 2nd half of the album heats up even more as the production and lyrics sync together.

“Takes a Little” can for sure be featured in a motion picture, it’s smooth approach keeps the listener engaged and relaxed. “Time waits for no man so speed up and slow dance I tried to give her romance but she gave me no chance” raps Springfield artist showing his rhyme scheme and wordplay, the song speaks volumes and is sonically pleasing to the psyche. Rating on this album is 8.3 I loved the substance and conceptual approach and see this going very far, follow Myles Jeh for new music & updates on His website  Facebook or instagram 

Highlights: Substance & Concepts

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