Jamel Deon – “The Breather” (Single Review)

Breaking onto the scene back in 2015, Jamel Deon has been steadily crafting a sound of his own as he journey through Hip-Hop in search of superstardom. After releasing a couple of efforts, Jamel Deon took a break from his solo grind to link up with fellow up-and-coming recording artist K.A.T.O. for a joint-collaboration, titled, ‘Kinfolk Kollab’. Returning to his solo career, Jamel Deon delivers his first new track in, “The Breather”. The up-and-coming act is looking to get back on his own path and show what his experiences have done to his skills.

Perfect title for his return after a break to pursue duo success. “The Breather” is produced by Moshunn and the first effort following Jamel’s collaboration project, ‘Kinfolk Kollab: The Mixtape’ with K.A.T.O.. Released back in April, the track is the return of Jamel Deon to his solo career as he spits about

Hear “The Breather” below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

The production is seamless, it’s built to service Jamel’s talent to continuously rhymes non-stop. It is quickly overtaken by Jamel’s vocals and endless lyricism. Nothing over the top with the production but it is decent and a custom feel that is easy to ignore but supportive.

Lyrically, Jamel Deon can come off as a high-energy one-trick phony on the track. No hooks, Jamel sticks to rhyming play on words simplicity and refuses to scratch the surface with more in-depth metaphors. Exceptional with matching words, he only needs to dig deeper in lyricism with slicker lines and circling back connections. Attitude is there, just need to figure if he will story-tell or freestyle. Learn song structure and organize the best parts of his never-ending verbiage will result in better quality tracks and certified hits.

While breaking out back on his own following Kinfolk, Jamel’s sound is overall a growth that shows a lot of potential but hasn’t found it’s tailored fit. The hunger is there, the energy is there, but the personality is disrupted as Jamel’s inspiration is easily viewed as imitating. Jamel is a student of the game and with a little more discovering, he will find his signature sound and skyrocket to the top. It just takes time and growth, until then, time will only tell as we hear more from the up-and-coming sound.

Ratings: 7/10

Highlights: Lyricism

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