Kinfolk Kollab – “The Mixtape” (Review)

Rising Las Vegas, Nevada K.A.T.O. and Jamel Deon, better known as the underground Hip Hop duo Kinfolk Kollab, release their debut mixtape titled, ‘Kinfolk Kollab: The Mixtape!’. They capitalized off the positive responses from their previous work (“Open Letter”, “Hustle With Me”, and “Real Nigga”). This is a must-hear for all real Hip Hop heads.

‘Kinfolk Kollab: The Mixtape’ is a 19-track debut surrounded by mass appeal as both K.A.T.O. and Jamel Deon has accumulated a buzz with previous popular one-shot tracks that combine into anticipation of the two’s collaborative effort. Ready to shake up the world, the two rising stars are eager to shock the world and go from rising stars to superstar status in the blink of an eye.

Listen to Kinfolk Kollab: The Mixtape below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

Kinfolk’s debut carries a solid West Coast production, slated with a wide variety of well-known West Coast beatsmith that builds a stylish debut for the duo. Tailored for the duo’s streetwise sound, K.A.T.O. and Jamel selection of traditional sound is the projects treasured discovery. With the production well-placed, it handles most of the project’s heavy lifting while the duo handle their assignment on the mic.

Lyrically both K.A.T.O. and Jamel exhibit clever, cunning, and formidable skill throughout the debut; however, Jamel slightly best the two this time around. Jamel’s wit was consistent while K.A.T.O.’s story-telling was convincing. Combined, the duo’s chemistry is noticeably developing and in time will trade off identically.

Rolling the dice on this experimental debut, Kinfolk break even on the project. Well balance of lackluster and exciting wordplay from both individuals. Trendy lingo, motivated melodies, and West Coast influence, Kinfolk Kollab is worth the listen and investment of what the new duo has in-store for fans moving forward. In finale, Kinfolk Kollab’s debut is a successful effort that pays off satisfactory.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism

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