V12 – “What You Need” (Single Review)

Las Vegas-by-way-of Boca Raton recording artist V12 is ready to let the world hear his sound after a grueling nine-year musical hiatus. Previously in a music group as a young teen, V12’s music has developed into a mature sound. As a solo act, V12 drops his formal introduction in breakout single, “What You Need”.

Off his reigniting solo project, respectively titled, The Commission. “What You Need” is the lead single off the new project, equipped with a catchy sing-a-long hook, and aligned with a popular series of verses that follow a play on words formation. To most an unknown sound, V12 returns to the landscape with a credible reference but a noble testy offering for a new generation to approve.

Stream “What You Need” by V12 below, courtesy of Spotify.

An easy listening lullaby-structured instrumental targeted for the new age simple-minded enthusiast. The first time around, the bubble gum commercial sound is understandable, appreciative, and overall expected. Amusing for the most, “What You Need” cliche elements will win over the female persuasion naturally but will grow on the male demographic respectfully.

Not really a poetic but backed by a convincingly smooth R&B hook. V12’s caliber of lyricism formidable but a bit brute for the song’s concept. V12 exhibits several tricks with seductive keywords and tone but fails to convince of the rising star to be a genuine Casanova. A trait many of today’s artists fail to master but steadily thrive with a well-balanced amount of explicit and raunchy vocabulary.

An admired effort that exceeds the usual expectations, V12 satisfies both old and new fans with a popular blueprint. Radio-friendly, “What You Need” plays it safe and follows like a pawn with aspirations of bigger tracks to come shortly. An initial appetizer, “What You Need” serves its purpose as its easy to recognize that V12’s return is generic but persuasive overall.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Production

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