Q&A With Rising Chicago Area Hip Hop Artist L.H.

Yo L.H.!! We are extremely prideful when we expose fresh/new Hip Hop artists like yourself !! Please tell us a bit about yourself? What part of Chicago are you from? And how long have you been making Hip Hop!

Hello, I’m L.H. (@LdotHdot ) and I’m from Chicago, Il. I reside on the west side of Chicago. I have been making music for over 10 years but have been doing it professionally for the last 4 years.

Please let us know when was your first time actually recording and making music? Also, give us a main factors on why/how you decided to become a Hip Hop artist? Any major influences let say?

My first time recording a song was in high school. I had no idea how yo actually count bars and flow to a track so the outcome was that I sucked. I never stopped and kept focusing on getting better. The next time I went into the studio was with an older cousin. He was Rapping for a while in Chicago and gave me the chance to be featured on one of his tracks. He absolutely loved what he heard and from there he took me under his wing.

I decided to become an artist by just the ambition of keep making music. I absolutely love to create and didn’t see myself doing anything else long-term but making music.

My major influences are Jay-Z and NaS. Them two are at the top of the list being my G.O.A.Ts. After that It varies from tribe called quest, Outkast, Stalley, UGK, Slim Thug, early Cash Money to Lupe Fiasco, Little Brother, Mf Doom, the TDE camp, and plenty more.

Tell us about the underground Hip Hop scene out there in Chicago? If there even is one out there…LOL Seems like all we hear about Chicago on the media is all about negativity, violence and Chiraq!!..LOL

Right now the scene is buzzing like crazy. It’s a pretty big city so you have a ton of artist with different styles on the grind as well. Rappers from all sides of the city brining different flows and energy while repping the city to the fullest. HA, HA, I mean..its a mixed bag. You have kids coming up rapping like Chance The Rapper now. The Chiraq movement is dying down a lot now which is bringing more styles to highlight the city. So the negative stigma is starting to fade into history, which is a great thing.

Please breakdown the creative process of your new “T2B2” EP? Wicked cover art btw! How did you end up coming up with that EP cover art??

Thanks a ton about the cover art venu.design ( Instagram ). I just gave the artist the name and let him work. He would give a rough draft and I’ll let him know what needs to be added, taken out, etc. Untill we got it perfect.

But the creative process was pretty much just work. It started off with me just rapping to some beats that I was just sitting on for a year or two. Instead of just swing fuck em, I decided to just finish them and make a EP. Some beats are older and some are newer. I just tried to give each song uniqueness and creativity. So the EP is more of a mixed bag.

How often do you perform LIVE!? have you ever been on tour?

I have opened for acts like Bibby and Cam’ron in the last year but my main goal is to do my own tour in the future. So im just focusing on browning my brand and buzz. The more I generate, the more fan can start demanding to see me in their cities and local venues.

Please tell us abut your mission statement regarding your music and movement. What do you want fans to walk away with after listening to your projects? Also, please describe your sound in the simplest way possible?

My mission is to continue to make great music and to Push the Visual Audio brand/label. The mission statement is [ Visual Audio : Making You See Sound].

My style is something I could never put my finger on. I say that because I don’t try to make the same type of songs to give the same types of feelings. My strong points are storytelling but I make deep songs just as well as strip club bangers. I don’t like to put myself in a box.

What you got cooking next? Anything special for Summer 2018!!??

I have a mixtape coming out crazy soon called “Goshimitzu”. It has me rapping over beats from Three 6 mafia, MF DOOM,Kendrick Lamar and plenty more. It’s a 14 track mixtape. I’ll also be shooting videos within the next couple months. And I’m also working on a brand new EP and mixtape right after that. I stay on the grind all the time.

Our most popular question, what is your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?

My definition is ” it’s the I been fucking with him since….type of music”. It’s the raw and gritty music that you hear from an artist before tbey get the major deal. It’s the music where more risk are taken because you have a lot less to lose it the world to gain. It’s the type of hip hop tbat speaks to your key audience a lot more.

Where can fans find your music? Drop all links!!


Any Shout Outs??

First off is always God, family and friends. My record label ” Visual Audio “. Sonic Palace studio ( Oak Park, IL ) My fans, my city and everyone that supports me and the moment.

And last but not least; my big cuzzo who help mold me , Kelo G ( R.I.P )

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