Wystelands – “#RIP2018” (Album Review)


Coming from the otherside of the pond, emerging Brisbane, Australia recording artist Wystelands had a recognizable year in 2018. Releasing ear-catching singles throughout the four quarters consecutively, now Wystelands gives new discoveries a refresher course on his execution throughout the year. The rising star collects his breakout year of singles and groups into one set with the new project, #RIP2018.

#RIP2018 is a collective of 2018 material that tributes to the recent deaths of all of Hip-Hop’s fallen of 2018. Reflecting with a dark toned collection, Wystelands narrates a homage-paying sound that reached the top of the charts throughout the year, before the untimely demise. #RIP2018 is grime, secluded, and recollecting.

Stream Wystelands New Album, ‘#RIP2018’ below, courtesy of YouTube.

The album’s production, there’s a disconnect. Sounding entirely mimicked, lacking originality as the sound is recent of the upper echelon; however, it is difficult to duplicate by second-tier producers. Lackluster, the project’s sound cheesily transitions from a promising horror to an underperforming remake. A fault with accumulating a year’s worth of single, the project fails to create chemistry, something every album required.

Excluding accent, engineering, and definitive style choice. Strickly lyrical, #RIP2018 drowned instantly. While identified early on as a body of work based on singles, the new project’s content grasps to be entertaining. However, unable to find his lane, lost in translation, the lyrics are disappointing as they are easily unmemorable, dragged, and unwantedly forced.

Final diagnosis, #RIP2018 is sonically, vocally, and song structurally ridiculous from beginning to end. While credible for approaching the sound with a big risk, big reward trending style, Wystelands’ latest effort results in an ear bleeding, nail-biting, chalkboard clawing failure. The lyrical and production chemistry never discovers common ground, the content quickly goes unnoticed due to its unattractive inconsistency to appeal sonically. Advising for his next attempt to focus on a proper delivery, wordplay, and productional flow if choosing to continue to endure this style of Screamo Hip-Hop.

Ratings: 4/10

Highlight(s): Concept

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