Bang Belushi – “The Adventures of Bang Belushi” (Album Review)

Bang Belushi is an MC from Detroit, Michigan who came up as 1/4 of the world famous Fat Killahz. Since the group’s hiatus beginning in 2011, he’s released a few EPs with 2 of them being under his own name & the other one being a collaborative effort with fellow Fat Killah King Gordy. But now with just a few days left in 2018, the newly founded Middle Finger Music is helping him in giving fans his long-awaited full-length debut with the label’s co-founder Foul Mouth producing it in it’s entirety.

After the intro, we go into the first song “Gotta Go”. Here, Bang gets boastful over a smooth boom bap beat. The track “That Loud” is a weed anthem with a prominent flute while the song “I Love Fast Food” pretty much speaks for itself over a grimy beat. The track “Do the Bang” is a charismatic party anthem while the song “DrinkSmokeWeedFuck” vividly describes his Saturday nights over a boom bap beat with some vibraphones. The track “Simple” with Nolan the Ninja sees the 2 getting on some fly shit over some funky guitar licking while the song “I Think I’m ODB” with A-Minus talks about how reckless they are over a boom bap beat with some horns.

The track “For Years” talks about his place in the rap game over a soulful beat while the song “Rhyder Daddy” is a heartfelt tribute to Bang’s daughter over a settle beat. The track “Shooter” with King Gordy & Guilty Simpson sees the 3 getting vividly murderous over an organ-inflicted boom bap beat while “The Zone Out” with Isaac Castor sees the 2 talking about relaxation over a spacey yet jazzy beat. The song “Blowed Everyday” is another weed cut that speaks for itself over a laidback beat while the track “Bloodsport” feels like a perfectly haunting sequel to “Bang & the Barfly” off of Aztek the Barfly’s latest album Line King. The album then finishes with “Middle Finger Rap”, where Bang fantastically sets the vibe complete with some eerie choir vocals.

It’s been a long time coming & at the end, Bang’s magnum opus is over here is a fantastic example of why I think Middle Finger Music is starting to become one of the most consistent labels in hip hop. There are a couple features that I personally didn’t care for but other than that, Foul Mouth continues to prove himself as one of the best producers in the game today & it suits the raw unfiltered lyricism that is displayed from beginning to end.

Score: 9/10

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