BAPS University – “Quarantine Tape 11” (Mixtape Review)

Sir 7000 and Ambeeka make up the duo known as BAPS University. Since the coronavirus pandemic, the two have decided to release a new mixtape each week as apart of their Quartine Tape series. Eleven weeks later, the BAPS collective is still going as they just released their “Quartine Tape 11” project. After this much music, the group has built an undeniable amount of chemistry, but is it strong enough to make this their best work yet?

Sir 7000 and Ambeeka both use their platforms to advocate change on the record. The album’s intro “Can’t” welcomes the listener to the world; they are about to be thrown in as Ambk’s vocals are pleasant and relaxing but, her lyrics are embedded with serious undertones. Sir 7000 runs with this concept as under his mellow delivery, each bar he riddles is politically and socially aware. Tracks like “Be” and “Deprived” are standouts as the artist’s calmy engulf their knowledge and views onto the listener. The projects last two songs, “A” and “Revolution,” serve as inspirational ballads on everything going on in our world right now and how we can cause change. The only track I am not fond of here is “Sexually, ” which feels out of place as the rest of the album offers positive solutions to a severe issue. Overall, Quartine Tape 11 contains some of the collective’s best performances to date!

Sonically, Quartine Tape 11 is suitable but doesn’t do anything to blow me away. Mainly produced by Sir 7000 and Pearls, they get the job done behind the boards, but their sound lacks memorability. Beats such as “Be” and “Sexually” embody this idea as their simple instrumental patterns can get very boring and stale. On the contrary, the album’s intro “Can’t” and the track “Deprived”, do a fantastic job of making great minimalistic beats. Another song worth noting is “A”, which contains an emotionally moving and motivational background for Sir to rap over. Another nice touch on this track is the outro skit of former NBA Players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson talking about achieving change and following any means to make it happen. In summary, the production tends to fall flat, but it doesn’t ruin the listening experience.

In conclusion, Quartine Tape 11 is a solid addition in the evergrowing catalog of BAPS University. The two have come into there own artistically, with there unique and refreshing styles. While I wish the album offered more sonically, there is still enough talent lyrically for the project to be enjoyed. If you want to see how these two continue to grow and progress in the future, be sure to follow @iamsir7000 and @ambeeka_mathis on Instagram!

Rating: 6/10

Highlights: Lyricism, Consciousness, Vocals

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