BeenOfficial Delivers Fans A Gem With “Beef With The Devil” (EP Review)

Underground rapper BeenOfficial’s latest EP, Beef With The Devil, is everything its name frightens us to be. Unforgiving bars, an otherwordly atmosphere, and one-of-a-kind energy from BeenOfficial culminate to bind this record with a spirit like nothing else in hip hop. 

From the dark yet soulful intro “We Out Here” to the dominating outro “They Don’t Know Me,” BeenOfficial is ready for everything that comes to him, and this is apparent through his stellar performance. Any hip hop fan, especially New Yorkers, will love the track “Made In The Bronx,” as it displays Official wearing his hometown influences on his sleeves. Whether you are from the Bronx like Official or have another hometown that defined your upbringing, this anthem is relatable and empowering to anyone who needs to channel that hometown energy. When it comes to channeling energy, no track shows BeenOfficial doing this better than “PERSEVERANCE.” From the sped-up soul sample to the pulsing drums, this song has so much character, and with a feature from the one and only Flee Lord, Official brings out the very best in himself. 

The second half of the record continues to push the same themes forward but with more intuitive sound patterns and rhyme schemes. “Spanish Laura” tests BeenOfficial in all regards as he tells a story about ties and betrayal. His words are so direct and calculated that each scene comes to life, and by the end of this near six-minute track, you will walk away knowing a powerful tale and an even more powerful lesson. “Love and Hate” and “RETALIATION” continue to show BeenOfficial’s versatility as a rapper. In one moment, he is rapping over a lustful soul sample, and the next, he is battling against the pouncing drums that cradle straight into the listener’s hearts. 

Looking at Beef With The Devil as a whole, it’s an EP that is truly good enough to go toe to toe with most released albums in today’s current musical climate. BeenOfficial has put together a career performance, and with strong writing and a creative musical direction, he has given us a record that will be remembered for a long time. To stay updated with BeenOfficial be sure to follow @beenofficialbx on Instagram!

Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Sound, Bars, Themes

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