Big Hit’s Sophomore LP “Blacks & Whites” Prod. by Hit-Boy & The Alchemist Elevates Him Artistically (Album Review)

This is the sophomore full-length LP from Los Angeles rapper Big Hit. The father of Hit-Boy, he was found guilty & convicted of a hit & run resulting in great bodily injury almost a decade ago & unlawfully being sentenced to 12 years & 4 months in prison including a 5-year GBI enhancement connected to Count 1. Last February, his petition for a writ of habeas corpus was granted & became a free man on his son’s 36th birthday. Hit would have his father join forces by making Surf or Drown 2 a collab effort tailored for Father’s Day Weekend & put out a debut album of his own The Truth is in My Eyes only 6 months later. Blacks & Whites here raised my expectations after learning Hit-Boy was producing half of it & most importantly, The Alchemist doing the other.

“Drug Tzar” is this murky boom bap opener to the album talking about being a drug star as opposed to a rap star whereas “Only Weight I Feel” works in more kicks & snares reminding that he’s the one who sold these cats the news & gave them the rules. “Godfather, Pt. 2” featuring Boldy James is this piano-boom bap hybrid with both of them calling out the cross-artists out here just before “Heartless” goes drumless revealing that he’s suited up ready for y’all.

Moving on from there, “Foreclosure” takes the heinous route instrumentally cautioning that you better count your fingers when you shake his hand while “Temperature Check” kinda has an atmospheric flare to the beat talking about being ready for war. The title track featuring The Alchemist & Hit-Boy themselves finds the trio lavishly keeping everything black & white prior to “Champion” coming through with a warmer vibe talking about being a winner.

“Count Your Blessings” featuring Figg Rarri, Killa Twan & LongBodyy brings the quartet over more keys as they discuss keeping track of one’s blessings while “Sly, Slick & Wicked” featuring Hit-Boy’s son & Big Hit’s grandson C3 soulfully talks about disliking these n****s. “Dirtball” nears the conclusion eerily explaining that everyone else can’t keep up with him while “Gank Move” featuring Hit-Boy’s sister & Big Hit’s daughter HitgirlLena cloudily samples “Murderer” by the titular Detroit duo to end the LP detailing the gangsta lifestyle.

Big Hit’s been steadily getting his name back out there ever since coming home from the pen, but Blacks & Whites as I had anticipated takes himself to a whole new level & dethrones The Truth is in My Eyes as the best album of his discography thus far. Hit-Boy & Uncle Al’s production are like yin & yang with their own distinctive styles, complimenting Big Hit’s gangsta lyricism stronger than the debut we got last winter.

Score: 9/10

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