Big Mack & King Reegz – “The G Template” (Album Review)

A project dedicated to real “G’s”, San Francisco’s Big Mack & King Reegz connect for a 17-track collaborative project “The G Template”, taking us back to when Hip Hop was represented in it’s purest ways with raw lyrics and hard hitting beats. In this project, you will find a mixture of raw boom-bap, soulful tunes, and Bay Area signature club bangers. Being that this is a lengthy project, we will 3 songs off the project, each of the styles of rap just described.

Due to the Bay Area vibes all throughout the album, lets get to the club banger first. Track 4, “VIP” is a true radio and club worthy track while both emcees describe beautiful ladies you typically find in the VIP section of all clubs who are also gold diggers, yet they don’t fall for the trap. The soulful side of the project we have to say goes tot he single, “G Code”. This track we think encompasses the whole project consisting of a soulful hook and lyrics to compliment. King Reegz & Big Mack are definitely no pretending when living the “G” lifestyle.

Now let’s get into that raw boom-bap and raw lyricism! We have to highlight “Look What You Done”. Front to back, the whole project is dope, but this song takes this project to a whole new level. There is always that classic song in every album, and “Look What You Done” will go down as that head banger classic.

Bay Area Hip Hop is alive and kicking, King & Big and keeping the torch lit. We rate “The G Template” a solid 8/10. Also, make sure to watch the official video for “Peel Awf” off the project above.

San Francisco is the home of King Reegz & Big Mack.

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