Born Allah – “Analog Baby” (EP Review)

Los Angeles rhyme veteran, Born Allah, has teamed up with German production powerhouse, Zpu Zilla, to bring us something special this week in “Analog Baby”. This is a 6 track EP which is definitely one for all the real hip hop heads out there. The dynamic duo enlisted the collaboration of DJ Mark Luv and Rakaa and the combinations are deadly!

“Dedication”, wow! What a way to begin. The production itself is a hit, then you get DJ Mark Luv to bless the track some more and Born Allah does what he does best. Born Allah’s flow is hard hitting but also cool, calm and collected all at the same time. Clever rhyme schemes as he effortlessly rides the drums with even more clever bars. My favourite part about this is that it genuinely sounds like he is having fun with it. Witty and braggadocios, this is hip hop!

“Analog Baby” is the third track on the EP and once again, that production! You can probably tell that I am pretty excited about the way Zpu Zilla cuts up samples and laces them with some of the cleanest hip hop drums I have heard in a long time. Born Allah consistently delivers heat, merging impressive wordplay with a catchy hook. This song captures the vibe of the project from start to finish. Beats, bars and what seems like an everlasting cadence.

Jabril (Let the Horns Blow)” is the final track on the EP and features Rakaa of Dilated Peoples, and man, does this song live up to the hype! Born Allah starts us off as Zilla literally lets the horns blow. From that point on this song is filled with lethal bars, buttery smooth flows and truly world class production. Rakaa gives us everything that we love about him and more. It’s rare that we are blessed with the opportunity to hear two veteran wordsmiths just devour a beat like this. Thank you Born Allah and Rakaa, I am so glad I was here for this!

If you have made it this far, you will know that I really enjoyed this body of work and I think you will too. It was pure hip hop through and through. This is the kind of EP that will be talked about as a classic. A genuine congratulations to all involved, you really blessed us with this! Go follow Born Allah on Instagram: @daddygrace

Score: 9/10

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Mr W Ndala

Founder of Transcendence Management Group/ Former Editor in Cheif at Behind The Greens Magazine/ Musician Former New Zealand/Australian Hip Hop Artist. Former Artist Manager. Former Editor in Chief of "Behind The Greens"

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