Brandough – “The Grey Album” (Review)

Texas is known for its individuality. A land filled with homegrown and homemade superstars, new artists have big shoes to feel and a sense of honor they must abide by every time they release music. Houston-bred Brandough is no exception to the rule and shoots his shot in the release of new album, The Grey Album.

Coming from an iconic region, with an iconic album title, and 11 brand new tracks of influential music. Brandough is seizing the moment with buzzworthy concepts and amusing lyricism. The motivated effort features guest spots from fellow uprising acts B.Diddy, Natural, and So Low. Does Brandough have the appeal to transcend to the next level of Hip Hop? Listen and share your thoughts.

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The album’s production flows like a river with shallow and deep ends that design Brandough’s persona. Light-hearted with popular sounds, the project develops a solid undertone through the deep bass and more. As expected, the project has a southern draw to it that suits the complete body of work. Worn like a badge of honor, the production’s roots supply validity, pride, and attention to the first-listen.

As a lyricist, Brandough’s accent makes him a unique vibe. While his flow is filled with intellectual conversation. He bridges the gap with a piece of his upbringing that establish personality for fans to identify and distinguish for themselves about the new artist. Brandough tells his story, delivers a message, and activates his future impact with several thought-provoking lines. Newfound fans will be easily sold on the artist’s convincing testimony.

Southern artists have a unique presence about them that is either accepted or rejected by the general public immediately. For Brandough, the album creates an undeniable attraction due to his unique lingo and prideful roots as a lone star representer. Misunderstood at times but throughout the entire package, Brandough delivers a noteworthy mention with it’s self reflection, natural appeal, and relatable southern embodiment.

Overall, a regional contribution that should not go unnoticed as it delivers the next generation of the genre.

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism

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