Cody Manson – “Psychoactive” (Album Review)

Cody Manson is a 30 year old rapper from Cleveland, Ohio who’s been on my radar for a couple of years now. He recently signed with Lyrikal Snuff Productionz & in light of that, we’re being treated to the man’s full-length album.

The title track that kicks the album off speaks on his meaning of such over a trap metal beat whereas the next song “S.T.F.U. (Shut The Fuck Up)” takes aim at his competition over a trap instrumental with some chimes. The track “Bounce” with Bobby Krea sees the 2 getting raunchy over a rubbery beat while the song “Lucy” with Shadow & Ether finds the trio talking about losing their minds over a comatose instrumental.

The track “W.T.F. (What The Fuck?)” with The Fallen Angel & The Irishman sees the 3 talking shit over a bassy beat while the song “Slidin’” tells those to quit speaking on his name over an monstrous instrumental. The track “Tunnel Vision” talks about holding it down for his daughter on the way over a dingy beat while the song “Fast Life” talks about everyone that’s starving to make it over a nocturnal instrumental.

The track “Better Way” with Famz finds the 2 talking about their imperfections over a trap beat with some keys & heavy guitars while the song “Already Dead” gets murderous over a paranormal instrumental. The track “Kool-Aid” with M.M.M.F.D. sees the trio talking about how it ain’t safe over a symphonic beat while the song “Suicide Hotline” with G-Mo Skee finds the 2 talking about making rappers want to kill themselves over a thunderous instrumental & it’s rad as fuck that G shouted me out in the opening line.

The track “Step Back” with At-L@tto & the Seed of 6ix is a moshpit starter with a beat fittingly kin to Three 6 Mafia while the song “Spiral Down” with Razakel & Damien Quinn finds the 3 talking about watching one fall over a devilish instrumental. The album ends with “Lessons”, where Cody talks about those who said he’ll never make it over a tense beat.

I’m really happy to watch dude’s evolution because this album is living proof of Cody being a good fit for LSP. Even though the features can be hit or miss at times, his undeniably has a lot of energy & you can really tell he put a lot of heart into it.

Score: 7/10

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