Create The Culture – “Take Flight” (EP Review)

Canadian Hip Hop group, Create The Culture, delivers a debut EP titled “Take Flight,” and it is packed with enough style for the group to do just.

As I usually do for my reviews, I turned the project on and set it to loop, then went about my day tackling other things while I listened to the music. About at least 3 hours later, I’m still not bored of this EP, and it’s only 5 songs long. That should be a testament to the quality of their sound. Everything aspect of the music sounds professional and diligently worked on. It’s pretty mellow in nature, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t stylized. Between the bouncing melodies, booming 808s, and smooth autotuned vocals, the EP has a very unique and infectious vibe to it, which is probably the exact reason that I’m not growing tired of it yet.

The only thing even marginally worth complaining about would be the lyricism. Nothing I heard seemed super inventive or new in terms of writing. It’s pretty standard stuff. However, these guys seem much more like hitmakers than modern day philosophers, so even this gets a pass still.

As a whole, “Take Flight” isn’t too serious, but it’s extremely well put together. If you’re looking to relax and just vibe to some good music, Create the Culture has you covered.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Production, Vocals, Vibe

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