Crimeapple & DJ Skizz – “Wet Dirt” (Album Review)

Crimeapple is an MC from New Jersey who’s been making some noise in the underground over the past year or so. Especially with his 4th EP Sweet Dreams that dropped on Halloween 2017 & his Big Ghost Ltd. produced debut album Aguardiente last March. However, he is now teaming up with DJ Skizz to deliver his sophomore album.

The album kicks off with the titular song, which talks about doing him over a boom bap beat with some haunting background vocals & piano chords. The next song “Pasteless” gets mafioso over a flute-tinged beat while the track “Springfield Power Plant” talks about his hustle over a classy beat. The song “Chuletas” is essentially a charismatic humble brag over a perfectly suiting instrumental while the track “Heavy Sativas” is filled with vivid drug dealer bars over an alluring beat. The song “Skeleton Keys” continues the Scarface-esque lyricism over an eerie keyboard heavy beat while the track “Purple Rain” gets more introspective over a settle beat with some horns. The song “Divine” is an acoustic cut paying tribute to his pregnant girl & then the album ends with “FFFeel Good”, which talks about how no one is on his level over soulful boom bap beat.

All & all, this is tied with Aguardiente as Crimeapple’s magnum opus. It could’ve been longer & could’ve used a couple features to break up the monotony but outside of that, Crimeapple continues to show that he’s one of the rawest dudes out right now as his lyricism has gotten sharper & DJ Skizz’s production on here suits him fantastically.

Score: 9/10

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