Crimeapple’s 13th LP “Bazuko” Prod. by Big Ghost Ltd. is a Near Perfect Sequel to “Aguardiente” (Album Review)

Big Ghost Ltd. reuniting with New Jersey lyricist Crimeapple for his 13th full-length album. Becoming a fan of his in the fall of 2017 with his 4th EP Sweet Dreams along with the Big Ghost produced full-length debut Aguardiente that following spring, his profile in the underground grew exponentially from there. Discography standouts include the DJ Skizz-produced Wet Dirt, the DJ Muggs-produced MedalloCartagenaBreakfast in Hradec & Sin CortarEl León produced by Preservation from the beginning of this year became the most I’ve enjoyed Crime’s music in a while & the official Aguardiente sequel Bazuko here raised the stakes considering how essential the predecessor is to his catalog.

After the “Introducción” intro, the first song “Laugh Now” is a jazzy starter to the album telling a bitch to throw some salt over her shoulder staying in his zone roaming around the world whereas “Re-Rock” takes the boom bap route instrumental talking about the jeweler hitting him with the water. “5000 Degrees” ruggedly reminds everyone that Crime has the ability to melt you on the mic just before “Chemical Imbalances” works in more kicks & snares getting in his hardcore bag lyrically.

“Trust Issues” has a grimier tone to the beat setting out to tie up loose ends while “Pretty Girl Who Can Rap” goes into a soulful direction instrumentally thinking about all the dimes he wants to sex who so happen to be skilled MCs. “Higher Learning” has this organ-laced boom bap beat explaining it’s just him & a pair of fiends on the block, but then the grisly “Smoke Signal” talks about having PTSD from past missions.

Starting the last leg of Bazuko, “The Tropicana” turns the jazz influences back up to work on a master plan while “Las Trompetas” gives off a groovier vibe talking about hanging with the honeys. “Motorcycle Sicario School” featuring Mickey Diamond, RLX & T.F brings the quartet together over a vocal sample discussing the friends they have who come to Colombia for their g fix & “Die Later” ends the album with guitars, kicks & snares talking about someone getting balled like aluminum.

If El León was the most that I enjoyed a project from Crime in a year & a half, Bazuko here has already outdone it 5 months later. Everything about Aguardiente whether it be Big Ghost Ltd.’s distinctively raw production or the gritty hardcore lyricism from the New Jersey emcee is being recaptured & elevated to display how much both of them have grown over the course of these past 6 years.

Score: 9/10

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