Defrenche (Los Angeles, CA) – “The Day After Never” Mixtape

Malcolm Joseph Johnson Roberts, was born November 21,1994. In Los Angeles, California. His mother, Doris Johnson, was of Creole/French decent and his father, Kenneth Roberts, was of Cuban/Italian decent. Malcolm is the youngest of his 9 siblings, five on his fathers side and five on his mothers side, Lachara Roberts, Hakim Roberts, Myla Johnson, Kenisha Roberts, Mylyn Johnson, Marquise Johnson/Cox, Moniece Johnson/Cox, Mercedes Johnson/Roberts, Melika Roberts (R.I.P.), Malcolm says he, grew up in poverty, moving every other month with his single parent mother, always having to be the new kid at school, never having a lot, but just enough to make it.


As a child his first memory of music was hearing his mother play R & B albums all day and night, almost like a movie sound track trying to escape from her own reality. He remembers being lulled to sleep to some of the greatest musical legends, from Michael Jackson, to Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, and The Five Heart Beats, just to name a few. Malcolm grew up singing around the house with his siblings, to rapping at school with his friends. The real jump off came at a professional studio just outside of Los Angeles, Malcolm’s sister met an artist name Sean Kardier and a producer by the name of LeRoi Guy, they heard him freestyle and started honing his lyrical and delivery skills. Religiously, he would show up every weekend to learn the basics of recording.


In the spring of 2013 Malcolm came to Atlanta for his cousins high school graduation. After, staying for another two weeks, his uncle brought him over to his wife’s brother in law’s home studio, producer, Gareth (MrG). Mr. G played Malcolm and his cousin an exclusive track and challenged them to write to it, the best rapper could have the track. That track ” Nasty Time,” subsequently is on his newly released mixtape “The Day After Never.” MrG and Malcolm clicked, and Malcolm made up his mind to pack up everything he’d had in Los Angeles, and moved back to Atlanta. He returned in a week, fired up and ready to do what ever it would take to make it happen. Malcolm came up with the name Dè Frenché on his flight back home to L.A. from Atlanta, he ditched “Polo” which was his rap name at the time.


De Frenche’s style is a cross-between heavy Hip Hop, smooth R&B &       a touch of Pop. His delivery is intentionally aggressive and lyrically sound. He weaves a story line and then laces it with a flavor all his own. His silky-raw vocals have sensitive undertones and relationship references that you would not expect from a nineteen year old. De Frenche’s newly released mixtape “The Day After Never” is a combination of true grit and passion.


What’s next for this young artist? A universal platform and an arsenal of lyrics ready to be spit.


The Day After Never, Debut Mixtape of Defrenche. Twitter@Defrenche Email:




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