Deuce Ellis – “Acid” (Album Review)

Deuce Ellis is a 33 year old MC/producer from Buffalo, New York who first emerged in the scene just 8 years ago off the strength of his sex comedy-themed debut Spread. This was followed up in 2018 with Goodbye Blue Monday & now with the 1 year anniversary of Midnight Ouroboros creeping up in the fall, Deuce is keeping it rolling by unveiling his 4th full-length album.

“Spit Acid” kicks the album off with Deuce & Che Noir showing off their rapping prowesses on top of some dusty drums & a funky bass-line whereas “Planet America” is a somber boom bap cut with some social commentary being presented through the lyrics. Homeboy Sandman tags along for the insightful “Outlaw Magicians” leading into the luxurious “Electric Soul”, which is about him walking through walls these days. Then there’s “Loosin’ My Mind”, which is pretty much a brief soul interlude.

Meanwhile on “Ciao Boom”, we have Deuce seeming revenge on top of a psychedelic boom bap instrumental just before the slick yet raunchy “Solar Power”. The song “Steam” with Sauce Heist works in some weepy guitar passages to speak on the way they paint pictures while the penultimate track “Smirking Revenge” with Napoleon da Legend drearily addresses betrayal. And finally, “The Yield” contains a meditative beat & he tells us what it was like for him quarantining during COVID.

Now if you ask me, Deuce has been putting out quality music for almost a decade at this point. However, Acid could very well be his magnum opus. He has a unique production style that sounds no different on here & lyrically, he hasn’t even hit his final form yet.

Score: 7/10

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