Devereaux & DJ Chunk Take You Through “Another Day in Hell” (EP Review)

This is the new collaborative EP between Devereaux & DJ Chunk. One of whom is a producer from Florida & the other being Ouija Macc’s official tour DJ coming straight out of Utah, but have both been taking the underground by storm together in recent years as part of Chapter 17 Records. And to celebrate the Gathering of Dreams going down earlier this month, Dev & Chunk are joining forces to take you through Another Day in Hell.

“What You Got” by Shaggytheairhead is a rowdy opener talking about knocking out those who be sneak dissing them whereas “Chasing Monsters” by Baker Ya Maker & Damien Quinn works in a meditative trap beat talking about trying to find the shine. “Life in Prison” by Darby O’Trill & Ouija Macc bombastically calls out the pigs while the song “Mind Ain’t Right” by Řezník morbidly talks about how crazy he is. The penultimate track “Fro Curse” by A-F-R-O dives into boom bap territory with some rugged battle bars & “Don’t Listen to Them” is a dark instrumental outro with some killer cuts.

In comparison to the Moonlight Monster House project that Chunk did with Shaggytheairhead being a cool little remix project, Another Day in Hell is all original material & happens to be my personal favorite of the 2. Devereaux reminds everyone why he’s currently one of the most in-demand producers in the underground at the moment, the guest performances are consistent & Chunk is a monster with the turntables.

Score: 8/10

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