Dezert Eez – “Late Night Cognac Sessions” (Album Review)

Kalamazoo, MI artist Dezert Eez has formulated an LP called “Late Night Cognac Sessions”  loaded with ether from some Hip-Hops distinguished  heavyweights like Talib Kweli , Sky Zoo Bronze Nazareth Before this tape even started I was hyped by the potential of the sonic sound. The def of Cognitive is the act of conscious thinking and with these names and set up this could be a classic round. I was especially impressed with the way Dezert Eez broke down the way he created the meaning behind his name which is a direct reflection of our African Diaspora.The 1st song on the album titled “Midnight Sunz” sampled vocals from Alina Baraz adding a melodic echo chamber created a beautiful sonic sound to get lost in.

Dezert Eez flow and scheme reminds me alot of the legendary Philly emcee Freeway. “High Beamz” was a visual song symbolizing serenity and the life he manifested out of the fire coining a phase he said “The Colder the heat the hotter the Emcee”.The album keeps running as we reach “Cadillac  Seatz” which has a very universal appeal and approach to this cut as it works in any atmosphere, The audio visual  behind this screams Mtv I love what DE has formulated here and want to see more media content from this album. The Hook is laid back insights positive and chill vibes what ever environment.”Sunset Lane” has that introspective late night feel this another dope cut to add to the firepower on this album. As the sundial moves we reach “Diamond Runnaz “featuring the legendary Sky Zoo,  the original vibe gave me chills I can see this song with the right visual being a magically affair. “Blak Karpet” has eloquent production with a melodic Hip-Hop vibe this reminds me of the early Jay-Z albums. The song continues and you can alomost imagine yourself sitting within this album which all the good ones will give you that effect.”Rolex Dreamin” Featuring Talib Kweli was my favorite song from this album thus far not just cause the major feature but the overall song structure is well put together smoothly transitioning from beginning to end.

Talib Kweli is the epitome of evolution barz as he adds kether to an already blazing album. “Kerosene Lampz” featuring Wu affiliate Bronze Nazareth  is another stand out track but gives more of a down vibe with the piano and flutes as we wind down the late night session.”Fressh Airs” might I say was great ending with the beautiful voice of Lady B creating a fresh atmosphere for the listener to live in as we make it to the final song on the album leaving supporters wanting more. I applade this albums sonic vibe and the effort behind everybody involved in its creation big thanks now get it to the masses !

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Rating: 8/10

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