DJ Quik & Jason Martin’s 2nd Collab LP “Chupacabra” Gives What West Coast Hip Hop Has Been Missing (Album Review)

Compton producer/emcee DJ Quik reuniting with German-American emcee Jason Martin formerly known as Problem for their 2nd collaborative LP. One is amongst THE most underappreciated producers in hip hop who I consider to be on the same level as the Quincy Jones of hip hop himself Dr. Dre behind the boards & the other started out in the mid-2000s crossing paths with QDT during the sessions for Snoop Dogg’s 9th album Ego Trippin’. 9 years later, they linked up for the first time on Rosecrans in the spring of 2017 to significant acclaim & are reuniting 7 years later to put out Chupacabra.

The title track featuring The Game starts with pianos, kicks & snares stellarly portraying themselves as 2 versions of the monster even though I respectfully think Game is corny for dissing Rick Ross & siding with Drake in his beef with Kendrick Lamar on “Freeway’s Revenge” to spite Dr. Dre for not letting him perform the Super Bowl LVI halftime show exactly like he did when he made “The Black Slim Shady” off his last album Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind whereas “Dern & Spruce” uses the same sample Madlib did on “No More Parties in L.A.” by Ye formerly Kanye West featuring Kendrick talking about being back in this bitch.

“Eazy Call” by DJ Quik himself & Big Hit finds the 2 flipping “Heartz of Men” by 2Pac for an Eazy-E tribute while “Cold Ass 2 Step” works in these carefree horns & claps so Suga Free the pimp himself can handle the verses. Jay Worthy’s crew Meet the Whoops get their very own title track on Chupacabra with the quintet flowing over a boom bap beat for 2 & a half minutes approximately that is until we get a soulful sequel to “She’s Not Around” solely performed by The Game which is as solid as the titular intro & certainly better than the STB Entertainment compilation Time that he hosted last weekend.

Jason returns to the mic with Jay Worthy himself & Larry June for “Gurbs & Youngs” for a smooth ass dedication to both of those types of people while “Workout” heavily samples “U Don’t Hear Me Tho” by Rodney O & Joe Cooley so Jason can talk about expressing yourself by doing your thing in the mirror reminding that we all make mistakes. “Chupa’s Groove” serves as a this funky instrumental intermission that Quik & Thundercat cooked up together in the lab closing out the album’s first half until “Two Hi (Waves)” by Quik featuring Channel Tres & Wiz Khalifa is this fun summertime jam to start the other.

“Fresh White T” featuring D. Blake & Shiro prior to the “Quik Message” interlude from DJ Drama hooks up a guitar & hi-hats boasting that there ain’t too many like them while “Since I Was Lil” featuring Bun B, Curren$y & Jay Worthy kinda gives off a g-funk vibe talking about how long they’ve been doing this shit. Dom Kennedy lands a solo cut in the form of the bass guitar-infused “Money, Cars & Guns” speaking those 3 things & Jason returns again accompanied by Barney Bones on “AYO” for a KAYTRANADA joint that’ll rock the dance floors. “DITTO” by Cee-Lo Green, Shiro & Gwen Bunn finds the pair rapping & singing about needing time ahead of “Soul Circus” by Ab-Soul ends on a drumless note.

What Jason & Quik gave us on Chupacabra achieves the goal that both artists & its curator Jay Worthy had set out to do from the start restoring a feeling that’s been missing from California music as a whole. Just like they did on Rosecrans about 7 years ago, you have both Compton powerhouses joining forces 1 more time for the city showcasing their musical talents including a creative chemistry that dates back over 15 years & how far they’ve come since ‘08. Just when one of the greatest west coast producers of all-time was gonna hang it up, Jason helped Quik find his passion in the process.

Score: 9/10

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