Domo Genesis & Graymatter Explain “What You Don’t Get?!” (Album Review)

This is the 3rd full-length LP from Inglewood emcee & songwriter Domo Genesis. Starting in mid-2009 as a member of the now defunct Odd Future collective, he’s gone on to give us 2 studio albums accompanied by 4 mixtapes & 4 EPs within the last dozen years, my personal favorites of which being his debut mixtape Rolling Papers, The Alchemist-produced 3rd mixtape No Idols, the Evidence-produced debut EP Aren’t U Glad You’re U? & even Doms’ last full-length Intros, Outros & Interludes. That being said, hearing Graymatter being brought in behind the boards throughout the duration of What You Don’t Get?! undoubtedly had me interested.

“Adonis” is a drumless flute-tinged opener addressing those who wonder if Domo still got it with the pen whereas “Plank Walk” taking the smoother route instrumentally simply looking to get a gage on it. “Stankwater” gives off a nocturnal flare to the beat explaining there ain’t no other option but to get it done where he’s from leading into the calming title track explaining that everything’s what it seems.

Moving on from there, the bluesy “Details” explains that he’s seen enough not to believe bullshit since he doesn’t listen to a lot of what he hears personally just before “Rick Fox” featuring 3WaySlim finds the 2 over a jazzy beat asking if they ready or not. “This 2 Shall Pass” featuring Remy Banks soulfully keeps the money on the body & the music, but then “I See U Doing U” featuring Fly Anakin chops up another soul sample talking about being out here doing your thug thizzle.

“Gifted Creatures” continues the 2nd leg of the album admitting that he has some stories that he’ll eventually take to his grave in the future while “Halfprice” gives off a kick-back feeling to the beat explaining he always keeps his enemies close only to be certain. The heavenly aural Bend” explaining that y’all must be crazy to him while the 2-part “2 Be Continued / Taking My Time” declaring to be majestic when you see it.

Pushing near the end of the LP, the penultimate track “PrettyUgly” soothingly talking about doing things that he resents even though they could never knock him off his pivot & “Until U Understand” closes out What You Don’t Get?! on a heartfelt note explaining exactly how he finds this shit to be a luxury.

Intros, Interludes & Outros still has to be my favorite LP that Doms has put out yet. That being said: I feel like anyone who enjoyed that previous album as much as I did will also come away from What You Don’t Get?! liking it too. Graymatter continuing to prove himself as a force to be reckoned with in the underground by cooking up tight production & Domo kicking it over them.

Score: 7/10

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