Donnie Menace Releases an Equally Satisfying Sequel to His LSP Debut “Chainsaws & Boomsticks” (Album Review)

This is the 4th full-length studio LP from Stratford, Connecticut emcee/producer Donnie Menace. Emerging in 2008 off his debut mixtape The Threat & the leader of the Nitebreed collective, he would later continue to establish himself with the full-length debut Wrath of a Menace followed by his 2nd tape The Threat 2: Audio Sickness & his sophomore effort Bonded by Chaos. However over a year & a half ago by now, Donnie’s last album & his Lyrikal Snuff Productions debut Chainsaws & Boomsticks was met with significant acclaim compared to his previous material joining the likes of Gully & E=MC Skelter. But for his LSP sophomore effort, Donnie’s returning with a sequel to his debut for the Denver gore hop label.

“The Boomsticks Reloaded” is a grimy, 2-minute self-produced boom bap opener unloading lethal battle bars on y’all whereas “Talk to the Chainsaw” keeps the kicks & snares in tact for a follow-up to the joint “Talk to the Boomstick” off Donnie’s last album. “Take ‘Em Out” featuring White Cheddar looks to take out all competition over an organ-laced boom bap instrumental just before “Omen” samples “Trouble, Heartaches & Sadness” by Ann Peebles spitting the wicked shit.

M.M.M.F.D. joins Donnie for the bloodthirsty “Let Them All Rot” setting out to bring pain & destruction leading into “Run It Back” going completely drumless bringing it hardcore lyrically. “Another Scumbag Anthem” by Nitebreed pretty much lives up to the name conceptually returning to the boom bap, but then “Watch You Suffer” shifts gears into trap territory tackling more horrorcore themes.

“Where You At?” featuring Lex the Hex Master finds the 2 east coast lyricists joining forces for a hardcore anthem assuring everyone that they ain’t going nowhere while “Catchin’ the Bullets” gives me mafioso vibes from the instrumental to the subject matter from a gangster’s perspective. “S.M.B.T.M.D. (Suck My Balls Through My Drawers)” featuring the Super Famous Fun Time Guys says it all going for an old school vibe while “Body Shop” properly ends the album if you don’t count the “Lair of the Cenobites” remix with a ghoulish boom bap joint about dead corpses.

The first Chainsaws & Boomsticks was easily the most refined body of work compared to his previous material & the sequel here is as equally enjoyable as the predecessor from a year & a half ago. The production is primarily centered around boom bap with some trap undertones & a tight guest-list on top of the lyricism going from being boastful to straight gangsta & even murderous.

Score: 8/10

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