Flee Lord Returns With 2nd Project of the Year ”Ladies & Gentlemen” (Album Review)

This is the 4th proper full-length album from Queens emcee Flee Lord. Coming up in 2017 as protege of the late Prodigy, he has since become known for building up a massive discography for himself in the last 5 years. This includes the Loyalty or Death: Lord Talk trilogy produced by GodBlessBeatz, the Loyalty or Trust duology produced by 38 Spesh, the DJ Shay-produced Lucky 13, the Buckwild-produced Hand Me My Flowers, the Pete Rock-produced The People’s Champ & the Havoc-produced In the Name of Prodigy, the DJ Muggs-produced RAMM£LLZ££ & the Roc Marciano produced Delgado. He just linked back up with Mephux over the spring for the 3rd & final installment of the Pray for the Evil trilogy, but is returning 5 months later with Ladies & Gentlemen.

“We Was Gettin’ It Off” opens up the album with a string-laced boom bap instrumental from GhostDave spitting some battle bars whereas “Da Warm Up” takes a jazzier route thanks to Futurewave encouraging to throw some shells if you’re real with the steel. Rome Streetz & T.F tag along for “Outta Bounds” with a fresh ass Tiona Deniece hook as well getting in their hustler bags on top of some keys & dusty drums prior to the cinematic “Ride Away” bringing you the hardcore.

Continuing from there with “Step Brothas”, we have O.T. the Real coming into the picture for a weepy boom bap ballad detailing the crime life just before “Recipes” with Vic Spencer returns to jazz rap territory explaining that the recipe to lose is being too high & fly. The soul sample throughout 3 Queens” by Che Noir, Dazy Lyn & 7xvethegenius is a nice touch as the 3 display their skills leading into Flee returning on the piano/boom bap infused Fake Thugs” with Bangdana Red talking about how crazy shit is.

“Pardon Me” brings back the jazz courtesy of Harry Fraud to speak from the heart while “Broken Hearted” with Trizz weaves a vocal loop into the mix as the pair admit they’re more mad about their bros & a bitch. “Mission Complete” despite its 53 second brevity finds Flee on top of an orchestral beat from Che Noir talking about going down in history while the song “Everything” with G4 Jag jumps on top of a tense instrumental talking about coming from nothing to having it all. The penultimate track “Last of the Real” has a more dejecting tone sonically declaring himself as such & “On to the Next” is a guitar-woven closer talking about those who hate seeing him win.

As classic some of Flee’s extensive EP work has been, I’ve felt that an full-length effort with more than 10 tracks & over a half hour in length has been a little overdue & the last time I think we really got anything in that form was No More Humble Fashion a couple Black Fridays back. Needless to say: It’s a solid follow-up to Pray for the Evil 3. He sounds fully focused, the production cast all stick to their own stylistic strengths & most of the features come correct as well. If this is the last thing we’re getting from him this year, then here’s to 2023!

Score: 7/10

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