Ill Advanced – “Sheep In Wolfs Clothing” (Album Review)

Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller (RIP), Pittsburgh has produced several of Today’s Hip-Hop brightest stars. Boiling pot, Pennsylvania continues to create promising new sensations like up-and-coming recording artist Ill Advanced. On the launchpad and prepared to take off, Advanced brings the world to the P with his latest project, creatively-titled, Sheep in Wolfs Clothing. A decade in the making, Ill Advanced is ready to share his story with the world but will the world listen to what Ill has to say?

Sheep in Wolfs Clothing takes a based on a true story approach from the rising star. Produced entirely by Ill Advanced-himself, takes a more lighthearted approach than usual. On the 10-track effort, he expresses his values and concerns, remaining true to himself. Ill Advanced noted that the project was inspired by life, death, ups, downs, smiles, and frowns.

Stream Ill Advanced New LP, Sheep In Wolfs Clothing, below.
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Merely 10 tracks, the project’s production plays out like a three-hour silent filmed. Lo-fi vintage sound, old soul samples, Ill Advanced drag out the project’s sound and falls on deaf ears due to annoyance. Understood the sound is meant to be unique; however, Ill Advanced suffers from disconnect due to its slow paced delivery. With the sound as the foundation, on the project, Ill Advanced entire body of work collapses due to poor roots.

While the production is lackluster, Ill Advanced’s lyricism shines among the disorientation. Throughout the project, while Ill’s production declines, his lyrical abilities elevate with thought-provoking content, unique metaphors, and impactful realism. Learning a lot about the up-and-coming artist’s personal story, Ill Advanced is compelling verbally but is drowning with tiresome productions.

Told like a bedtime story, Wolf in Sheeps Clothing‘s pace will, unfortunately, tire out listeners way ahead of the conclusion. While the lyricism is exceptional, the duration is simply unnecessary, unappealing, and uncomfortable. Faster, Ill Advanced lyricism would be more noticeable, there would be a natural rhymic bounce and a better understanding of the message Ill Advance wants to get across. Ill Advanced is an elite-level lyricist, with minor tweaks and delegation to others, and we can expect the best Ill Advance yet.

Ratings: 7/10

Highlight(s): Lyricism

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