Intellect – “Out Of Left Field” (Album Review)

Eager to introduce a new sound to Hip-Hop, Pensacola, Florida born Michael Dowd, better known as new recording artist Intellect is ready to make his debut. Known for his raw, uncensored, and unfiltered look on life, the proud veteran is ready to impress with his personal story. Creatively titling his debut, Out of Left Field, Intellect is prepared to shock and awe first time out the gate.

Out of Left Field is a 12-track of one of the million stories under the Hollywood sign in the City of Angels. Helping Intellect narrate the story is several exceptional guests including Kay Flow, Cap, and Taylor Bandit. Intellect on his new album: “The essence of Hip-Hop in its truest form. The rebirth of amazing production intertwined with intricate lyricism.”

Stream Intellect New Album, Out of Left Field below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

The project’s production mirrors the Los Angeles streets, dark, gloomy, deep bass, and suspenseful as the story is being told. Matching Intellect’s dark vocals and bravado, the deeper into the album, the pace intrigues and will draw listeners into a trance-like state of focus. The production draws out the project’s spirit, and while dark, shines bright with anticipation of more greatness to come from the rising star.

Lyrically, Intellect enters the genre as a game changer with his fascinating, gritty, and in-depth story-telling. Entertaining, he makes a bold statement with his opportunity and solidifies a well-respected reputation as a lyricist. On Out of Left Field, Intellect best moments come on “Then There Were Two”, “Fonics”, and “Ink Out My Mouth”. Directing an outstanding body of work, Intellect is ready for bigger feats in the near future.

Imagined to emulate Nas’ 1994 classic, Illmatic, Intellect’s Out of Left Field does check the boxes but a carbon copy? Close but not yet. The story is theatrical, the lyricism from Intellect is indeed crafty, inspiring, and compelling, like a film, it has its flaws between the beginning, climax, and finale. Appealing, Intellect shows a promising future on his first outing as Out of Left Field is surprisingly a must-hear for any Hip-Hop addict.

Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Storytelling

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