Jonny Rythmns Continues to Show His Range With “The Sinthmeister” (Beat Tape Review)

This is the 9th beat tape from Queens producer Jonny Rythmns. Throughout the whole year so far, the dude has been staying busy by dropping 1 tape after another whether it be Elevated Focusion or Slow & Steady. However to ring in the 2nd quarter, he’s continuing to apply pressure with The Sinthmeister.

“The Sinthtro” pretty much sets the tone for the whole project my mixing some bare strings & synthesizers whatsoever whereas “Just Your Local Weatherman” works in some actual drums & I like the electronic vibes it gives off. The drums that “Funky Brainstorm” bring to the table are more thunderous in comparison to previous cut leading into “Speedball Blast Off”, which I can imagine being played at EDM festivals to no objection.

Meanwhile on “Galaxy Gangbangin’”, we have Jonny incorporating some bare synthesizers much like the opener just before “Do the Codeine Lean” takes a more quicker route in terms of structure. “The Addicted Children of the Stars” returns to rave territory pretty well, but then “Parental Blurry Vision” is a more atmospheric cut that is just straight up pleasant to the ear.

“March of the Martians” fuses together these phenomenal vocal chops with some drums & strings while “Moshin’ with Marvin” has a bit of a boom bap quality to it & it’s futuristic as Hell. “The Martian’s Reprise” is a fresh little sequel to the “March of the Martians” that I mentioned just seconds ago while “Lost in a K Hole” kinda reminds me of a Sonic the Hedgehog game.

Following that, “Brace Yourself” comes through with a more entrancing tone to it while “The Downward Space Jam” has some insane guitar passages during the 2nd half. “The Martian’s Final Surprise” is a short yet stripped back conclusion to the Martian trilogy while the song “Phasers on Kill” sounds straight chilling to the bone. The penultimate track “Operation Exploration” returns to electronic territory once more & “Follow the Map to the Stars” ends the tape with 1 last EDM bop.

Each tape that Jonny has dropped so far has it’s own different catch to it & The Sinthmeister is no exception to that. In fact, it’s one of my favorites that he’s made so far. I really like how he continues to show his range behind the boards by crafting a whole project mixing electronic & hip hop.

Score: 8/10

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