Joshua Hales – “That Feeling” (Single Review)

Hustling Sonoma, California-native Joshua Hales is emerging as a new artist with a distinctively dark vocal tone blended with catchy lyrical execution. Harmonizing sing-a-longs with heavy doses of tradition bars, Hales is quickly becoming a cross-over appealing artist.

“That Feeling” is off Joshua Hales new album Nothing At All. A heartbreaker, the Lumosapien Records signee confronts his love interest after discovering betrayal. Seeking answers, Hales must reveal himself to get the honesty he deserves.

Stream Joshua Hales New Song, “That Feeling” Now.

The song’s lyrics are gravitating from beginning-to-end. However, Joshua’s signature sound isn’t something new. Actually, it’s almost identical to several other chart-topping rappers-turnt-singers. However, the sound is addictive and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The song’s concept is appealing and will be a long-lasting favorite for anyone who hears it.

Throwed and simplistic, “That Feeling” production is a vibe concept that harmonizes perfectly with Joshua acoustics. Helping build depth and emotion in Hales vocals to deliver a convincing result of good music by the new artist. Chxnce is a very accomplished producer who showcases built-in chemistry between the artist and beatsmith. They create a radio-friendly sound that could head to the top of the rhythmic charts both urban and mainstream.

Joshua’s lead single is a convincing track and shows the artist vast potential in both his career and on the album. He doesn’t overreach, doesn’t oversaturate the sound, and carefully blends to styles perfectly. The only issue is the sound is to easy to mimic and manipulate that it strips away the artistry in the music due to people wondering in the back of their head if this is a carbon copy of someone else already at the top.

Guess we will have to take a look at the album to find the truth.

Rating: 8/10
Highlights: Melodics

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