Jynx716 Makes a Statement That He’s “A.N.D.Y. (Absolutely Not Done Yet)” [EP Review]

This is the 3rd EP from New York emcee Jynx716. Emerging in 2020 off his debut mixtape The Green Album, was followed up last spring with his debut EP The 33 & most notably Careful What You Wish For produced by Che Noir, but he’s Absolutely Not Done Yet returning with Che for 8 tracks & 25 minutes worth of material.

“2nd Impression” is a symphonic opener talking about how his first impression couldn’t have been too bad whereas “Time” works in some piano chords laying it out that he ain’t doing this part time at all. “Where I Gotta Go” talks about doing what he had to do in order to get where he needs be in life giving off a mystical atmosphere instrumentally leading into “Stay Underground” featuring & produced by 38 Spesh going for a much rawer approach.

G4 Jag joins Jynx on “Pretty Penny” gives off a cinematic vibe once again as Che hops back behind the boards putting a spin on the phrase “a penny for your thoughts”, but then “Hope” featuring Che herself & Freeway incorporates this well-flipped sample talking about their triumphs. “No Voicemail” hooks up these pianos with kicks & snares to get his just before “Intent” featuring Vic Spencer finishes the EP with a declaration that they’ve done this all with purpose.

Careful What You Wish For quickly became my favorite EP that Jynx has done & A.N.D.Y (Absolutely Not Done Yet) is quite possibly better than the predecessor although it’s a solid gateway into his discography. Che sets out to evolve as a producer which I don’t see anything wrong with at all & Jynx’ lyricism has leveled up within the last couple years.

Score: 8/10

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