It’s “Noir or Never” With Che Noir’s 6th EP Produced By Big Ghost Ltd. (EP Review)

Che Noir is a 28 year old MC/producer from Buffalo, New York who caught my attention after 38 Spesh signed her to TCF Music Group & fully produced her first 3 EPs. However, her Apollo Brown produced full-length debut As God Intended & then her self-produced 4th EP After 12 during the 2nd half of 2020 where her potential began to blossom exponentially. But coming fresh off her sophomore effort Food for Thought & her last EP The Last Remnants, Che’s enlisting Big Ghost Ltd. to fully produce her 6th EP.

After the “Female Rappers” intro, the first song “Resilient” is an intense sample-based opener taking pride in killing wack MCs & proving people wrong every time they spoke on what they thought she wasn’t capable of doing prior to Flee Lord tagging along for the demented boom bap cut “Sleep Paralysis” cautioning to never chill on the weekend. “Quiet Moves” works in some pianos, strings, kicks & snares detailing touching on the power of keeping a secret leading into 7xvethegenius coming into the picture for the grimy “Veracruz” getting in their battle rap bag.

“Cap Locks” featuring Planet Asia sets off the 2nd half of the EP with both MCs on top of a piano instrumental bringing you the hardcore, but then “Low Altitude” opens up about the road she had to travel down to get to where she is today over a calmer boom bap beat. The penultimate track “Brilliance” with Skyzoo touches on brilliant minds being a minority this day in age blending some kicks & snares with a delicate loop leading into “Bad Apples” with Ransom & 38 Spesh coming through with a horn-inflicted closer as the trio talk about their corruptness.

Wasn’t Built in a Day has quickly become my favorite album of 2023 so far since it dropped only a few days ago & Big Ghost just ended the week the way he started it except Noir or Never could very well be my favorite EP of the year as of me writing this review. The production is more consistent than it was on The Last Remnants as one of the best females in the rap game currently continues to ascend on the lyrical front.

Score: 9/10

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