Kain Cole & Foul Mouth Drop New Project “S.U.M.P. (Survival Under Major Pressure)” (Album Review)

Kain Cole is a 38 year old MC from Belleville, Michigan who’s been in the game since he was in high school. He then perfected his craft after spending 8 years in prison but now that he’s out, it makes perfect sense for one of the hottest labels in the underground Middle Finger Music to sign him & have co-founder Foul Mouth produce his full-length debut from start to finish.

“The Arrival” sets the album off with a drumless yet buzzing instrumental letting motherfuckers know he’s officially here whereas “The Bag” works in some suspenseful keyboards & dusty drums getting in his hustler bag. “Ain’t My Home” takes a more soulful route looking back on the days when he was locked up just before “L.M.K. (Let Me Know)” has a bluesy quality to it talking about being back in his old ways.

Meanwhile on “Feel This Way”, we have Kain jumping on top of a grimy boom bap beat confessing that he has no idea why he feels the way he does leading into the disgusting drug dealer’s ode “Kain”. Things go into a funkier direction for “Have You Ever” talking about being one of a kind, but then “Fuck ‘Em If They Mad” takes a more alluring turn clapping back at those who’re envious of him.

“Run Away” weaves in a perfect vocal loop talking about how he has to find another way whereas “Rock n Roll” returns to boom bap territory letting listeners know how reckless he truly is. “K Cole Shit” gets in his battle rap bag with the instrumental taking it back to the days of 70’s action films just before the eerie “D.O.G (Definition Of Greatness)” speaks for itself lyrically.

Following this, “Do My Thang” brings in the horns to talk about how all he does is own thing while the track “Church” has a more colorful tone to the beat encouraging listeners to praise God after him. The penultimate song “Count Stacks” comes off as a sequel to “The Bag” that lives up to the predecessor & the title track sends the album off with a synth-laced instrumental talking about how no one can knock him down.

It’s always exciting when a Middle Finger Music artists drops an album & even more so when they add fresh new faces to the roster because S.U.M.P. (Survival Under Major Pressure) definitely surpassed my expectations even though they were high to begin with. Kain sounds hungry as fuck on the mic & Foul Mouth cooks up some of the best production of his career thus far.

Score: 8/10

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