Mid-West Lyricist Keith Phelps Claims His Crown With “Primo Nemesis” (EP Review)

We love discovering gems in the rough especially out the Mid-West! Rising Indianapolis based rapper/producer Keith Phelps delivers a new 9-track self produced EP, “Primo Nemesis“, consisting a mix between old and new style of Hip Hop. We think this might be his actual debut DSP wise. In this EP review we will highlight 3 songs which already feels like a difficult task to do since the entire project is dope. With a mission to take his rightful place at the top of Hip Hop hierarchy we feel this project just might be that spark of light for him.

On the intro “Van Gogh” Keith Phelps confidently claims his crown and title of a true artist as he paints a vivid image of his rise from selling sneakers to a successful music career. Keith’s life actually has a story behind it that is worth sharing. His distinctive song writing skills helps the listener paint their own picture on his come up and obstacles in the game.

SHOTS FIRED!!! WITH A FUNERAL AND HEADSTONE THAT READS “KEITH PHELPS MURDERED YOUR WHOLE CATALOG”. That’s what comes to mind after listening to “Mistakes”. We have to agree that we haven’t heard an artist like Keith in a while. Seems like he had a lot of aggression to let out on this one and we love it! We don’t exactly know who he was aiming his bars at but for someone to lay down a response to this would be suicide.

Keith is also no stranger in taking us back to that classic boom bap sound many times real underground heads miss. His outro “Nap Shit”, he represents the best of what the Mid-West has to offer when it comes down to raw Hip Hop. A refreshing type beat that reminds us of sounds from producers like Dilla, Madlib, 9th Wonder, and countless more influential producers. Not a bad position to be in when compared to some of Hip Hop’s greats.

“Primo Nemesis” EP gets a well earned 9/10. If Keith Phelps actually pre-meditated on making an instant classic, lyrically and production wise he executed on this one with absolutely no guest features. Let’s keep in mind, this is just a EP, not a full album! Just a preview of what’s to come for Keith Phelps. Don’t forget to also check out Keith’s personal pick “Sad Day”.

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