Ketch P – “Out of Nowhere” (Album Review)

This is the new surprise album from Inkster emcee Ketch P. Starting off as part of the quartet Street Justice, he eventually went solo & put out 3 mixtapes in the late 2000s. However, Ketch took a hiatus in 2013 & returned last fall by dropping the fantastic comeback tape Gift Certificate under Middle Finger Music. But almost 10 months since, he’s returning from the shadows with Out of Nowhere.

The “RKO” intro boasts about how Ketch made the album in a week over an upbeat boom bap instrumental from his Bad News Brown cohort Foul Mouth whereas the next song “9th Letter Flow” talks about being competitive on the mic over a Slum Village-inspired beat from Chanes. The track “My Addiction” talks about his flame over a classy instrumental from Simple Cuts while the song “Belle Isle Cookout” sees 2 Door Coupé getting together for a fun summertime bop. The track “Big Slick Energy” shows off his charisma over a boom bap instrumental with a faint sample while the song “Wildstyle” with A-Minus & King Bub Rock finds the 3 spitting some vicious battle bars over a fuzzy beat from Nolan the Ninja.

The track “Chugga Bounce” speaks on all the shit that’s happened to him in 2020 over a funky instrumental while the song “Get Money Organically” speaks for itself lyrically over a boom bap beat with a soothing loop. The track “Dazed Mind” spits pure pain over a meditatively jazzy beat while the song “Barry Sanders” with Rim sees the 2 getting rowdy over a dark beat from Blizzard. The closer “Legend Killers” then finds Bad News Brown hooking up with Bang Belushi, Jypsy & King Bub Rock to deliver that anti-radio rap over a trunk-knocking beat.

For a veteran, I think Ketch has only gotten better with time because this is neck-&-neck with Gift Certificate for his magnum opus His pen-game just keeps elevating nonchalantly & the production is as grimy as you’d expect from Middle Finger Music at this point.

Score: 8/10

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