LightBulbHead – “Apologue Of The Shine” (Mixtape)


LightBulbHead started rapping in 2006 under the stage name Hosstyle. At the time rapping and writing poetry were only a hobby. He had been a member of a rap group called Black 1200.

He recorded his first songs during that year. He had gotten a taste for music but to him it was merely a time-filler. It wasn’t until 2008 during Obama’s announcement for candidacy did Hosstyle see an opportunity to strive for a brighter future, a positive future.

Hosstyle became LightBulbHead. The name mocks his own facial structure while in the same breathe embraces the notion we are what we think we are. From then on he set out on a sonic mission of peace and prosperity. His first LP ‘Apologue of the Shine’ marked a milestone for LBH. Negativity became his source for inspiration. He took his personal demons and exposed them.

By 2010 the album was complete. LightBulbHead now moves forward, building momentum for the future.

Apologue Of The Shine

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