Misfit Soto – “Blvd” (EP Review)

Misfit Soto,  a name becoming more notable in Hip Hop as a self established rapper and producer. From his breakout collaboration with The Untouchables and dropping some of his best work with “The Dangerous Ones” last year, we’ve been looking forward to see what 2020 has for this Los Angeles native. Taking time to focus on producing and providing quality features in the beginning of the year, garnering more cult fans than ever, he finally drops his most anticipated project to date, “Late”. His 4th solo effort, it’s a 8-track self produced EP with only a few exclusive collabs featuring Baldacci, Kable The don, and Peterbilt.

Lets get right into it! “Paint”, is a track that encompasses what the whole project is about and it makes since he chose this one for the intro. When he mentions coming up and everybody knowing his name, as a witness myself being from L.A., he is actually speaking the 100% truth. We’ve been seeing his grind for the past couple years, and the following he has built he’s done fully independently. Nothing but impressive, but most importantly, he’s an artist who is actually preserving the culture with that hard hitting Hip Hop with not just the streets taking notice, but the industry too.

“Superbad”, featuring fellow rhyme spitter Kable The Don, is a song we first got familiar with when Misfit dropped the official video for this back in December. It was a instant head banger featuring two raw lyricists representing the best Los Angeles has to offer. Never heard of Kable before that, and it’s always good to find new names to add to our playlist. “They Don’t Want To Know”, is probably the stand out song off “Blvd” with the most important message, either you love him or hate him. He does mention the fact that so many people have opinions about him because he doesn’t fit their portrayal of a typical rapper. The opinionators hate the fact they can’t put him in a box or sub-ganre of Hip Hop, like how they do to pretty much every rapper in the game. You are either a underground rapper, trapper, chicano rapper, or party rapper. Misfit is none of that in our opinion. He is a raw lyricist and beat maker dedicated to the actual craft of Hip Hop. His grind, consistency, and creativity is naturally out the box.

It’s also good to see Los Angeles staple Baldacci on this EP. He’s a under-rated rapper in our opinion, and “Do It For” is a hit. “Stay Dangerous” and skipping to “Ready To Love” are the different songs out the pack, and aimed for the dangerous women in the world, and the heartbreak every man, at some point in their life, goes through. Really captivating songs since he puts a lot of emotion and true life experiences into these. Like how I mentioned earlier, Misfit Soto’s creativity has no boundaries. Never heard a body of work like “Blvd”, something very hard to find these days. For this reason I give this project of score of 9/10. I truly can’t find any reason to score it lower than that, and I’m more than positive that everybody who have streamed this will agree.

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