Myniakal (Toronto) – Palace Days

Myniakal is an 18 year old artist representing Toronto, Canada. He loves psychedelic rock and hip hop.Wu-Tang Clan is his favourite rap group and is one of his biggest influences. He started making music about 6 years ago and he just released his third mixtape Palace Days.

Palace Days . Neo-psychedelic “hip hop” creation from the artist currently known as Myniakal. Featuring Issa Gold from the Underachievers, Macon Hamilton, CGB and Envee. Executive produced by GoldSoul, Myniakal and 6th Boro. Best enjoyed while in meditation or under the influence of psychedelic drugs. Please spread the project as much as possible, everything was put into this and if you are reading this, thank you for taking time to listen.

Twitter: @Beyond_hiphop and Producer @GoldSoul




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