New Mexico’s Def-i Revisits “Blue Hour” Album Fully Remixed By Ariano

How do you process pain and loss? How do you show the world that you are healing? For Def-i, one of New Mexico’s inspiring artists, the answer is through music. No stranger to lyrical acrobatics with penetrating content, Def-i’s last album, Blue Hour, showcased his evolution and growth as an artist and human being, delivering the most vulnerable songwriting of his career. Now he’s back with a new spin on the project with the Blue Hour Remixes.

Reuniting with enigmatic producer Ariano to collaborate on the Blue Hour remixes, Ariano’s production brings it back to classic breakbeats and samples and sets a moody canvas for Def-i to do what he does best. With an effortless flow, he is a true master of his craft, tackling intense issues with ease where others would struggle to find the words. Def-i takes his sorrow and brings it to life with a soundtrack that is painful, yet triumphant and curative.

From songs like “Best Friends Forever,” a tribute to Def-i’s best friend and New Mexico legend, the late Wake Self, to “Southwest featuring moments with the iconic Sway Calloway of Sway’s Universe ,” and “Not Like Me”, the Remixes album puts Def-I’s limitless talent on display.

Blue Hour Remixes is not Defi’s best work to date because he is still out-rapping people like he always does; it’s simply his best work yet…because this music is healing and this album is a boombastic remedy for a broken heart that turns a listener into a peaceful warrior.

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