Nvy Jonez LKR is an exciting new artist with a Navy background who was awarded his Expeditionary Warfare Specialist Qualification in 2019. Catching lightning in a bottle with his recent UGHHB mic session. LKR caps on the popularity with his new album, titled, Navy Jonez Locker.

Available on Ninja Punch Music, the album is supported by the latest visual “Empire State”. Nvy Jonez LKR is also inspired by the historic 1944 D-Day event. A military man, LKR pays respect to his brothers and sisters that fought for this country in the past, present and future with a bold, formidable and well-respected collection. The nine-track effort features guest spots by Raphael, Niki Bernard and Brandon F. The Album Cover was taken upon the USS Denver LPD-9 while it was stationed in Sasebo Japan.

Stream Navy Jonez Locker by Nvy Jonez LKR below, courtesy Spotify.

Production handled by Esben Thornhal, Ian Pez, Genetik and Hitmakerchinx. Setting the tone, the project’s sound is deep. Providing depth to LKR’s vocals, the production is tailor-made for him and never deflects nor hinder him from getting his point across. Like the lyrics, the project’s sound is straight forward and unfolds an attraction that fans will benefit from organically.

Lyrically, LKR’s based on true storytelling is the project’s aesthetic. Unlike most artist who relies on features to appease, LKR allowed his battle-tested story to shine through and prove that he is an artist ready to stand alongside the stars. Chronicling the harsh realities, LKR develops a body of work that will set the tone for the rising star moving forward. Extremely proud of his journey, LKR established his must-hear work on standouts “Empire State,” “Dark Knight” and “Young Tony”.

The album plays out similar to a debut season of a promising series. Shows glimpses for greatness but just needs more time to develop. LKR has the fundamental skills down and the work ethic; however, he could use more twists, turns, and surprises. He can accomplish that with more brainstorming. Adding more shock treatment will deliver a necessary impact that fans will be excited to see more of in music to follow.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Storytelling

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