Ransom Releases 9th EP “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child (EP Review)

Ransom is a 45 year old wordsmith from Jersey City emerging as 1/2 of the short-lived duo A-Team alongside Hitchcock. In 2008, he would branch out on his own following their disbandment beginning with the full-length debut Street Cinema & the Statik Selektah-produced sophomore effort The Proposal. But it’s been safe to say these last couple years have been his biggest so far whether it be the 5 EPs that he put out produced by Nicholas Craven, the 7 EP based around the 7 deadly sins or his previous album Heavy’s the Head produced by Big Ghost Ltd., the Rome Streetz collab album Coup de Grâce, or even his last couple albums Chaos is My Ladder or Director’s Cut 4. However only a couple months after Deleted Scenes 2, Ransom’s still applying pressure by putting out a 9th EP.

“The Powers That Be” is a drumless opener with Ran talking about prophesying this entire blessing whereas “New Test of Men” takes a jazzier route making it known that it was a never a priority for him to stay rich. “Scape Goats” featuring Che Noir & 38 Spesh is where the EP starts to pick up more as all 3 artists on the TCF Music Group roster astonishingly tossing the mic together over a string-infused boom bap instrumental & “The Desolate One” might be my favorite track on here from the rock-inspired Nicholas Craven beat talking about the industry being full of demons & broken angels. “Hymns” rounds it all out by providing some ghetto gospel over a ghostly instrumental from Sibbs Roc.

Even though I still think Deleted Scenes 2 is the best EP Ransom’s dropped this year, I still enjoyed a good portion of what we got on Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child. The 2nd half of the EP is better in my opinion, but the sounds are eclectic & the lyricism from Ran never disappoints me since he’s been on another level. That goes for both features too.

Score: 8/10

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