RastaBwoyKell – “6/8” (Album Review)

RastaBwoyKell is a 26 year old MC/producer from Chicago, Illinois notable for fusing together reggae & trap. He’s gone on to release 4 albums & an EP in the last 2 years but after taking a drum class, he’s setting out to change the frequency of music on his 5th full-length outing right here.

After the intro, the first song “Enoch” takes things into an atmospheric trap direction with Kell taking about moving silent before working into a flute & expressing his desire for success on “Prosperous”. We go into a more bassier sound for the braggadocious “Excuse Me” whereas on “Mau Mau”, it’s a lot more darker & violent.

Meanwhile on “Holy Ghost”, the instrumental has a more tribal vibe with the lyrics talking about how his words will live on forever leading into the pure evil that is “Knife n Gun”. Then there’s the Legacy Freedom-assisted “Rituals”, which is a meditative cut about being born again & born in sin.

The song “Jungle” with MasoTheRebel is a reggae/hip hop fusion about how they’re gon’ get it while the penultimate track “Circle of Life” is an empowering anthem about equal rights. For the closer “As Above So Below”, which works in some heavy snares & speaking on being down to earth.

If you ask me, Kell is one of the most unique MCs that I’ve heard in a while & 6/8 could very well be the best project he’s attached is name onto yet. His sound is completely unlike any other & the songwriting really hits listeners in the soul.

Score: 8/10

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