Redrum – “The Lucifer Effect” (Album Review)

This is the full-length debut from Orlando hip hop duo Redrum. Consisting of emcees Red Eye & Ranks, the pair have made some noise in the underground throughout the past few years off the strength of a couple singles & are now taking listeners through The Lucifer Effect before 2020 ends.

After the intro, the first song “Adjustment Bureau” is essentially Redrum shit-talking over an spooky instrumental while the track “On Fire” talks about how no one can defeat them over an intimidating beat. The song “Run Come” with Kali Ranks finds the trio talking about being strapped over a dusty boom bap instrumental & after the “That New Shit” skit, the track “New Thangs” with Heist-n-Flow sees the 3 talking about how everyone’s in the same lane over a climatic beat.

The song “Cold Blooded” talks about how it is in the streets over a solemn instrumental while the penultimate track “Palo Mayombe” advises listeners not to take the words they speak lightly over some weepy strings. The closer “Devil Lurks” talks about being weary where you walk over some chipmunked-vocals, but then the hidden cut “Carnival” flexes their lyrical prowesses over a demonic boom bap beat.

I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve heard on The Lucifer Effect & it has me excited to see where Redrum will take things in the future. Couple of the features were just alright, but the duo bounce off each other very well & the grimy production suits them like a glove.

Score: 7/10

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