Self-O.N.E. – “218” (Album Review)

Self-O.N.E artist from Columbus GA drops a new project called “218” with lead visual “Altitude” ! After listening to the 1st couple songs I had to take a introspective and outrospective approach to this album as its substance was in debt. Before I actually started the review for this album I heard it in its entirety  which gave me time to immersive my self in the world of Self-O.N.E.


As we begin our journey on “Flight 218” we find the smooth flow and passionate rhyme schemes carrying the song to new heights. I hear a resemblance to Elzi the underground legend in Self O.N.E vocal delivery and song structure. Any Hip Hop fan or enthusiast would appreciate the intricate rhyme patterns and convo rap. As we continue we run In to a cut called R.S.V.P which is about the exclusive part of his manifestations, were the artist dreams of the finer things and what it will bring in the future.

1 of 1 is another standout track as he explains there is no true Ls as even a L is the Winning lesson.The New York style beat break like the classic Dj scotches from the 90s. “Narrative” was about a rap journalist reporting the news of the urban, I absolutely love the hook it draws you in immediately with a melodic approach with engaging bars. I can see this being a big deal on networks like vevo and situations like Mtv Jams etc.

“Altitude” which is the lead visual from his album “218” dropped late December in the end of 2019 leading into the new year. The smooth laid back approach demands you to listen its a cut that can survive in college atmosphere. “Love Remains” was another gem that conceptual talked about the connection between family and friends showing the love of loyalty and genuine connections. This is a lost art as no one sees the importance of self care and how that reflects your engagements.

“Truth is” very introspective track were you see self one really putting it on the table. The lyrics within this songs explains the traumas of love and the difficulty he has in completely connecting with the most confused emotion in our universe.”Umbrella” is about being protected and loving your reflection and who you have become, When I hear this song it reminds me of the term you changed but that is the point of life to grow and evolve so at the end of the day develop tough skin and and still keep you humanistic values.

“Buy/Sell”  is about the mind state of the hustler, I digged the production it was real angelic this song is one for inspiration and aspiration, He talks the implore of the politics of the underworld. The tunnel vision of the captain will make it through the waves. “Who do you think you are pt 1” was a message to all black & brown kids to break generational curses in families showing the man he holds himself back. For more music and updates from the GA native follow Self-O.N.E on Instagram and Spotify.

Rate 8/10

Highlight: Substance & Delivery

No Dislikes

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