Sleepy Lowks – “Styles Vary” (Album Review)

San Diego North County artist Sleepy Lowks drops a new album called “Styles Vary”. The graffiti style cover slapped on a white wall shows the rebellious nature of the mental. The intro reminded me of the Nas Illmatic album, I’m now anticipating what he has to say within the album. The 1st song on the album was “Notorious County”, I get a laid back but serious overtone from this track it goes into the politics of the SD city live and crooked police forces. Sleepy Lowks delivery is effortless and I believe it works for his brand but to work on his annunciation within his cadence, it would make for sharper word play.

“Pure Dope” was a high energy cut and flow nice but couldn’t make out a lot of words before each punch line tho , The old school vibe with a passion and will I can feel as it goes along. Every artist talks about the 10,000 hour rule ,I can  imagine were Sleepy Lowks will be 5,000 hours in the studio from this point.

“Shit Dont Stop” was very creative even the production was completely different it actually fit the concept dead on. “Streetwise” gave me a New York vibe with a gritty concept to lead In, “Watch out for foes and dirty hoes” quote towards the end of the track showing his overview of street wisdom. Sleep Lowks creates a hand book of survival in this album as we roll on to the next track “Still Low Class”

What I Like about this album is the creative skits Sleep Lowks gatherd to connect this album. Sleep Lowks goes classic HipHop bars as you could literally place this music in the 90s and it would survive just as is. “Cali Vibes” was just that I got a Gfunk Jazz feel as Lowks bounces off this beat with no effort.

“G As Fuck” Feat Cadence was nothing but raw bars the chemistry was average it was pretty simple and Cadence sounded a bit lower in the mix. “En La Noche” was high energy  I can see a video for this one , visuals are key in highlighting albums. “Where I be At” was smooth is forsure needs a video its a multi dimensional aspects I wish it was a bit longer.

“Cant Get enough” Feat Cadence & Rhythm Had a fun loving vibe, I can see played in a house party get this track to your local Deejays. “Gotta Get it” was my fav production and song not the album, it gave me a full circle type of vibe like it came together for him in this song. Simple but easy to chant hook makes this rock. The album titled song “Styles Vary” Starts with Snoop Dogg explaining no song should sound the same and Lowks comes in instantly with the signature slurred Sleepy vibe capping the album off . I can’t wait for new music form sleepy to see how his evolution grows over time. Follow Sleepy Lowks on Instagram and Spotify for more news and music updates.

Rating: 6/10

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